Good Recession Presentation #6 24.04.2020

  • Can we trust the Coronavirus Numbers we’re being given?
    (And if not, what does that mean?)
  • If Cash is King, how can I improve my Cash Flow right now and ongoing?
    (With Case Studies for #Tradies, #Accountants, #Resorts, #SaaS and more.)

This is the sixth of our regular, standalone, pandemic recession videos, hosted by international business advisor Jacob Aldridge.

  • Welcome 00:00
  • Meditation 01:26
  • Economic Snapshot 06:00
  • Are the Reported Coronavirus Numbers Horsesh!t? 09:19
  • Your Business Priorities for This week 17:27
  • The 6 Cash Flow Cycles in Your Business 18:21
  • Case Studies of Cash Flow Cycle Improvement 32:30
  • Next Steps & Downloads 50:11

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