Looking for a straightforward answer to the question: How much does business coaching cost? Here's the best guide you will find anywhere on the internet:

  • A good business coach will require an investment of 1-2% of your annual gross revenue
    • If you turn over $2 million, expect to invest $20,000 - $40,000pa for fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions
  • Independent business coaches will often charge $1,000 - $2,000 per day, sell you 1 day per month, and not bring a team or many frameworks
  • If you invest less than $2,500/month in coaching your progress will be slow because either your coach is inexperienced or you aren't spending enough time with them
  • The best coaches will work with you based on project or campaign-based fees:
    At any point in time, you will know what their strategic focus is and what outcomes you are both working towards. Some coaches are only interested in selling long-term retainers and showing you new things each month - neither will help you actually grow.
  • Group programs can be helpful and usually cost less. Ideally, these include some one-on-one time or access - otherwise, they're not coaching, they're training and the onus on implementing change will fall entirely to you.
  • My clients invest an average of $36,000 per year in coaching. Some spend less than $10,000 on a single project and come back next year; others invest well in excess of $100,000 and achieve far greater returns as a result.

How I help:

Firstly, no business benefits from just me. When you work with me, you also benefit from a decade of experience working alongside business coaches, consultants, specialist networks, and 350+ incredible clients around the world.

Business owners generally meet me to ensure we 'match', and then work with my team and I to complete a Business Review. For an investment of $8,000 - $12,000 (depending on the complexity of your business and the size of your leadership team) this aligns all of the leadership team to 2-3 top priorities, allowing them to focus their strategic work with me in one of these 3 ways:

"Jacob's passionate, realistic and forward-thinking style was invaluable...
I would wholeheartedly recommend Jacob to any business needing either a shot in the arm or a complete overhaul."

Conor Murdock, Vice President, Business Development at Stellar Recruitment - Americas

(1) Founder Coaching (including Remote)
1, 2, or 3 person Leadership teams

I am currently working with Founder clients around Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth), as well as in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong / China.

  • Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly sessions
  • Face to Face in my James St office, over breakfast nearby, or Remote worldwide
  • Responsive Agenda, personalised to your needs
  • Ideal for sole directors and executives, or 2-3 person leadership teams
  • Unlimited phone and email support between sessions
  • From $1,000/month

(2) Business Project Coaching
Growing businesses with 4-96 staff

  • Tailored projects with specific, agreed outcomes that address your needs
  • Ideal for businesses seeking revenue growth, or entrepreneurs¬†wanting improved lifestyle or legacy
  • Complimentary introductory meeting to scope your dream
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • From $12,770 - usually spread over several months' cash flow

(3) Leverage my Team
Retire Young, Retire Rich, Never Retire

  • I work alongside the world's best business coaches and consultants, so you can leverage their experience
  • Ideal for fast-growth entrepreneurs seeking Equity returns, whether for sale, public listing, or financial security
  • Your business, Your vision, supported by global leaders, in person and online
  • Complimentary introductory meeting to scope your dream
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • From $63,770 + Mutually agreed Success Fee and timetable to balance your cash flow and need for speed

(4) Feel none of these are right?
Your business is unique and our projects and pricing can reflect that.

The most common exception to this process is the development of group coaching programs* - where a progressive organisation wants to creatively add value to their franchisees, members, or even their large pool of business clients, by running a group program as a service to their relationships or even as a joint venture profit centre.

    1. *Unlimited phone and email support are subject to availability, so I usually reply to messages after hours.
    2. *No long term contracts. If you stop receiving value, we'll wrap things up and be out in 30 days.
    3. *Prices are exclusive of tax. Australian businesses + GST.