New York Series (2012)

Since taking my first international plane flight in 2008, I’ve accumulated more than 20,000 photographs. I’m not alone – any traveller has a collection that may as well be infinite, since we never intend to revisit and review. Moreover, the photos are boring – someone, somewhere, has taken the exact same picture only better.

I wanted something different for my memories: unique, representative, personal. Something that could combine digital technology with the impressionist works I have travelled so far to witness, in the tradition of Paul Cezanne (and others).

This is Digital Impressionism. Extracting the essence of my memory, and taking the viewer away from the realism of photography that ultimately represents nothing.

And now, to share. I have selected this series – New York (2012) – over my other series due to accessibility. Even the more abstract Liberty and Park Blue will be recognisable.

Enjoy. Critique. And be aware: while you can view these on your screen, the size of each print has been selected to be framed and hung – analogue digital impressionism, as it were.

Rock Top – New York (2012)
Liberty – New York (2012)
Emergent – New York (2012)
AL Champs – New York (2012)
Thirsty – New York (2012)
State of Mind – New York (2012)
Big – New York (2012)
Park Blue – New York (2012)

Let me know what you think below. If you like these, maybe I’ll look to share some of my other series – Luna di Miele (2008), Spain (2010), London Life (2010-12), and Parenthood (2019-onwards).