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Jacob Aldridge Business Coach Consultant and Speaker Brisbane AustraliaI’m Jacob Aldridge. In 300 businesses across 10 countries, business owners have engaged me to eject anxiety from their lives. I implement commercial AND cultural growth management systems to release them from their business’s demands, and then uncover the hidden intellectual property that delivers passive income and long term wealth.

Laughter guaranteed or your money back. So who am I?

My first job required me to work alongside Sean Penn, Audrey Hepburn, and Robert Downey Jr. I was a clerk in a video store that, like almost every other video store from my youth, has long since closed forever. I never set out to have the title ‘entrepreneur’, but in pursuit of business ownership I realised most small business owners simply buy themselves a job, hoping they retire before – like the video store owner – they become obsolete.

Since I sought wealth, not job security, this traditional experience failed to appeal. Researching a better way led me to my career as a business advisor, first as corporate employee and since 2006 building my own business advisory practice first with Shirlaws Group and businessDEPOT in Australia and today 100% under my own brand here at JacobAldridge.com.

I am privileged so many business owners have opened their door to me, sharing the reality of their lives and seeking different choices. In return, I help them achieve revenue and profit growth, more free time, and a better environment for their whole team. Whether you want to be bigger, be better, or be both, my team’s ‘Business by Design’ methodology gives you an easier approach to building enterprise and legacy.

Who I work with

Most business owners will never achieve their financial ambitions, because they fail to grow beyond being small business owners. They live in an anxious and hopeful world with just one business, one primary income stream, unaware of how to change their mindset and their business practices. They feel lonely or alone, believing they’re on the right track but feeling they have to do it all themselves.

I bring the strategy and foresight so you can once again feel you are being fully authentic, fully you. If it’s what you desire, I can help you become secure, relaxed, and able to enjoy the money, time, and lifestyle that business ownership can deliver.

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More than just a Business Coach in Brisbane, Australia

I call myself an international business coach, but as you’ll see in that link pure business coaching is a waste of money. Your team already demand you have all the answers – only a muppet would pay someone to bring them just more questions. That’s why I adopt a hybrid approach to provide personalised consulting or training solutions as well as the coaching approach to help rapidly transfer business skills.

And while I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia, my clients don’t need to be. In the past five years, I’ve worked face-to-face with clients in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as across the UK, North America, Hong Kong and Fiji. Remote coaching services are also available – when seeking the best mix of capability and personality to work with your business, geography is a limiting belief not a limiting factor.

End the Loneliness

If you’re ready to eject the anxiety now, call me (in Australia) on 0427 151 181 / 07 3193 3000 or (if you’re based outside Australia) email jacob@jacobaldridge.com. Relationships are free – there’s no obligation or expense until I’m sure I can help and you choose to invest.

If you would prefer to ‘cope with the hope’ a little longer, click here to receive my excellent emails brimming with business thoughts to help inch you closer to sustainable change.

As for my career with Audrey Hepburn? Well it never truly went away – that’s why I held the Guinness World Record for the Longest Movie Marathon ever, and travel the world trying to best a breakfast at Tiffany’s and find a stracciatella gelati better than my roman holiday.

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Jacob Aldridge, Brisbane Australia business coach and speaker

Jacob Aldridge, Brisbane Australia business coach and speaker