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  • Keynote Speaker @ The Happy Lawyer @ Shirlaws Global Conference
  • Alumni Program Host @ Key Person of Influence
  • Inaugural Presenter World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS)

As an international business coach, partner and presenter, Jacob delivers results for ambitious companies in Australia, Europe, North America and across Asia-Pacific.

Alumni clients and audience members describe him as the smart and quirky business guy who makes change happen. Jacob brings business experience that impacts both profit and valuation – plus a unique energy borne from the belief that business is best when it’s fun.

Whether compelling an audience to make a fundamental shift or rise to their feet cheering, his demonstrated ability to engage groups of any size and take them on a memorable and energetic journey leaves a lasting impact.

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Current Keynotes

Embracing the Feminine in Business

We are each a balance of Masculine (linear, future) and Feminine (nurturing, present) energies, and yet modern business has been built entirely around a single approach. Equality in employment isn’t a headcount, it’s embracing a fundamental shift in how we design and manage companies that will empower women (and more men) to better lead and contribute.

The Deep Generalist

‘Specialists’ are a creation – and a relic – of the 20th Century. The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning means computers are now better specialists than humans in fields as diverse as chess, medicine, and law. But each of us has the power to rise above the machines, embrace our inner Da Vinci and develop a multi-layered talent stack to advance our organisations and live a deep authentic life.

Fourteen Boats

From First Fleet Convicts to 10 Pound Poms, Jacob weaves the personal stories of fourteen ancestors into a universal message of choice and opportunity. All faced different adversity arriving in Australia by boat: who are we not to embrace what they left us?

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Jacob has delivered more than 1,000 workshops across all aspects of business, and spoken at events on 4 continents.

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