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International Business Coach

I’m the smart and quirky business guy who makes things happen.

I bring business experience to drive change, growth, and commercial results – and a unique energy borne from the belief that business is best when it’s fun.

Since 2006, I’ve developed experience in multiple industries and at all stages from Start Up to Sell Up. More than 350 clients in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the UK (where I was based 2010-12) have benefited from my creative workplace training and energetic business coaching.

A portfolio entrepreneur, I also hold positions in a small number of fast-growth startups and established businesses.

I have the most fun working and coaching young, energetic business. Of course, there’s a great energy in any business where revenue is climbing and the leaders are enjoying themselves.

Jacob Aldridge Best Business Coach Brisbane Australia


A technology reseller that grew from $1M in annual revenue to $1M per month, in less than a year working with me


Two clients – both offered (and rejected) unsolicited, multi-million dollar, acquisition proposals in the same week


During the double-dip recession of the global financial crises, my UK clients averaged 40% revenue growth


The primary shareholder in a services business was able to exit after a cancer diagnosis, without the business missing a beat


Family businesses in Trade, Real Estate and Professional Services successfully transitioning to the next generation


Creating training programs for international teams, for commercial and cultural alignment and relationships

The Business Deep Generalist

How I Work with Businesses

Client Requests

Valuation Upgrade40%
Business Growth90%
Revenue Improvement80%
Profit & Cash Flow Boost60%

Every business – and every business owner – is unique.

Most of us started a business for some combination of Income, Wealth, and Lifestyle. We reach a point when reality looks and feels a little different, and new ideas can help.

And once we achieve our initial vision, new dreams begin to form. In pursuit of Freedom and Impact, what outcomes do we need from our business?


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Named 'Top 20' Coach in the World


Books Published, including 2 Best Sellers

In My World, Relationships are Free

So whether you want to Start Up, Scale Up, Step Up, or Sell Up