How Does Business Coaching Work?

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How Does Business Coaching Work?

Nobody wants a business coach who just pats your head and asks nice questions. You want someone who will combine proven systems with tailored solutions to help you realise your potential.

A good business coach will walk alongside you for a period. They will transform your business and your personal leadership capability, help you to a mutually agreed goal, and then leave behind a proven methodology that your leadership team can implement for years.

Sadly, most business coaches don’t actually deliver that outcome. Not because they aren’t good people – just because that lack the combination that a business owner needs: personal capability, consistent business systems, and a clear client journey.

This page explains the clear client journey I have used with clients in 14 countries.

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Do You Need a Business Coach?

Feel like a cool change:

  • Move from Anxious to Confident
  • Shift from 'Stalled' or 'Stuck' to 'Being in the Flow'
  • Achieve the Growth you know is just around the corner
  • Turn "If only..." into "This is how..."
  • Stop being a cautious small business owner. Become the relaxed portfolio entrepreneur you always wanted to be
The First Step is Free

Find The Right Coach for You

Many coaches will offer a “Free Coaching Session”. You have enough business acumen to recognise a sales pitch when you see it, so let’s be upfront: If you want a Business Coach and I have available capacity to take on new clients, then let’s have a conversation to see if this is a perfect match.

  • Face-to-face (in person, where possible, or via video call)
  • At your place of work (this is important business, not a coffee chat)
  • Lasting from 60-90 minutes
  • At no charge

This isn’t a free coaching session. I’m going to tell you whether I can help, and you’re going to ask all the tough questions before you decide to commit to our relationship.

By the end of our meeting, I will understand you and your business well enough to know if you meet my client criteria, or if there are more suitable coaches or expert advisors better placed to help you. You will know whether you trust me and my recommendations for next steps.

If either of us doesn’t feel this is a match, let’s agree to say so and save each other time.

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For Business Owners or Partners with <12 Employees and Steady Ambitions

#1 Responsive Business Coaching

Often in business, while the right ideas and priorities are clear to us we struggle to find the time and focus to properly implement the necessary changes.

For founder and micro (4-12 employee) business owners, this responsive business coaching process combines key elements of business consulting (where we bring possible solutions and expertise) and coaching (committed to transferring skills to avoid dependence).

While Project-Based Advisory can deliver specific results faster, it does work better with slightly larger companies. I want to empower your bright ideas – whether that’s short-term and specifically targeted or long-term helping you set and achieve ever-increasing visions.

Watch the video below to see the integrated business system that all responsive business coaching clients receive.

Your Experience Explained
  • Face-to-face coaching sessions (in person or remote)
  • From 2 hours to a full day per month, over 1 or several sessions
  • With you, and any key individuals in your team
  • Unlimited phone and email support (based on availability) between sessions
  • From $1,000 +gst/month
For Business Owners with Larger Teams and Dreams of Faster Growth

#2 Strategic Business Coaching

Whether it’s a business owner looking for a nudge in the right direction; some short-term help to fix a core issue (or two); or the start of a beautiful friendship – most of my Business Coaching relationships start with a Strategic Business Review of your organisation.

This exercise focuses your thinking to save you time and create the space and energy for stargazing into your future – what does it look like, why do you want it, and how will you create it.

At the conclusion of this step, you and the team will be aligned to a clear growth plan which details what to prioritise, in what order, and importantly also notes which ideas are not being pursued (or at least, not yet).

You will also have some additional tools and frameworks to help move in that direction, with or without our ongoing involvement … and yet most business owners recognise that having someone beside them to help design and execute strategy is the key to faster, better business outcomes.

Your Experience Explained
  • We start with a Business Review or Strategy Workshop
  • Align your business AND your leadership team to today's greatest opportunities
  • Convert ideas into documented Strategy over 2-6 months (at your preferred pace)
  • Achieve full Execution of your Strategy, and therefore full value from each project
  • Continually refine your Vision along the Business Lifecycle
  • Expect to Invest 1% of Your Annual Gross Profit

Whatever Your Coaching Needs, Our Relationship is Free

So, Are You Ready?