How Coaching Works

This page is designed as a “Getting Started Guide” for engaging with Jacob Aldridge and my businessDEPOT Advisory team:- We empower bright ideas for entrepreneurs and active growth businesses. Our clients generally refer to us as business advisors, business coaches, or mates.

Our generalist experience and systems have been applied in businesses from start-up to multinational, in 10 countries around the world (and counting). We do bring niche specialisation to Real Estate, Medical, and Building and Constructing companies. Our clients are centered on Brisbane, Australia and spread out to include South East Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and international locales around Asia Pacific and the UK.

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Is Business Coaching / Consulting Right for You?

Before you ask ‘Who is the best Coach?’ you need to ask ‘Will my business benefit from Coaching?’

To give you an idea, I currently work with a small number of young, energetic businesses in Australia and around the world who want to:

  • achieve the growth they know is just around the corner
  • create intellectual property and recurring income streams
  • change from being an anxious small business owner to a relaxed portfolio entrepreneur, with multiple income and equity sources

They are normally:

  • Part of a small leadership team, and/or
  • On top of a fast growing business, and/or
  • Clear about the sizable financial outcomes that will sustainably support their future lifestyle.

But they feel their business has recently ‘stalled’, ‘gotten stuck’, or ‘hit a brick wall’. Their gut instinct tells them that they could be so much bigger / better / both, if only…

You don’t want a business coach who just asks you nice questions and holds your hand. What you really want is a business advisory team that can combine proven systems with personalised plans that realise your potential.

Working with a Business Coach



Boys from the Thames Valley – my UK coaching team

I personally work with a small number of clients each year, primarily in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Through the businessDEPOT Marketplace and my own personal connections, I refer a larger number to other coaches and advisors where I believe they will add more value. All of these meet the 4 Characteristics of Great Business Coaches.

My process is simple: Let’s Chat. Relationships are free, and if we like each other let’s undertake a Business Review to demonstrate value. From there, let’s personalise our process to help your business achieve specific milestones with a fast return on investment.

First Step – Let’s Chat

Our first step together is a matching meeting.

  • Face-to-face where possible
  • In your place of work
  • Lasts from 60-90 minutes
  • and costs nothing.

If that’s all you need to know, you can organise this meeting right now: just email or call/text me on +61 427 151 181.

If you are not yet ready to meet with me, you may want to develop our relationship by subscribing to my #BlackboardFridays emails or attend a businessDEPOT event.

The Agenda for this meeting is broadly to understand your business, your dreams, and your challenges. Since you may not have worked with a business coach before, it is also designed to give you an experience and answer any questions you may have.

At the end of this meeting, you want to know whether you trust me and my recommendations for next steps. I want to understand you and your business well enough to know if you meet my client criteria, or if indeed there are more suitable coaches or expert advisors better placed to help you.

If either of us don’t feel this is a match, let’s agree to say so and save each other time. If you would like to speak with our other clients, where they have agreed to discuss their process working with me I would be delighted to provide their details.

Beyond this meeting, the most likely next steps are briefly explained below. It’s important with any business coach or consultant that you are always clear on the process you are working through.

The businessDEPOT client business coaching process

A simplified business coaching process

  1. We start with a Business Review or Financial Health Check (which incorporates my accounting specialists), that aligns your business and leadership team to the 2 or 3 greatest opportunities today.
  2. Over a series of coaching sessions, at a pace and price you choose, these opportunities are then converted into documented Strategy created and owned by your business. Using the businessDEPOT systems, I transfer expertise and outline the path to sustainable change for your unique circumstance.
  3. Ideas are worthless unless executed, and our approach sets your business up to achieve full Execution and therefore full value from the project.
  4. The journey from your business today to the point or realising your Vision can be viewed as a series of strategic steps. Once your team has taken full responsibility for executing today’s priorities, you are released to move one step ahead and begin designing the next plans.

If you would rather just meet to discuss how to personalise these steps for your business, email or call/text me on +61 427 151 181.

Business Review

Almost always, my team’s clients begin with a Business Review. When was the last time you had your business confidentially reviewed by an objective, expert advisor?

We start with a brief Fact Find, of your current systems, structure, resources and product offering. We want to ensure we are working with the correct facts, and consider all the possibilities without making any assumptions about your business. This ensures our recommendations are tailored, not generic.

Ideally, this review includes 45-60 minute private interviews with each member of your team. Your team’s perspective, even when it confirms your observations, is always helpful. More importantly, their ongoing support of any recommend changes begins at this phase. My experience has proven that teams who are part of the change are far less likely to react or resist that change.

Approximately 2 weeks later we would run a half day Strategy Session with you and your key stakeholders. During this session:

  • We introduce a number of frameworks to establish a contextual overview of the business
  • Detail our Findings from the Business Review
  • Lay out a Strategic Roadmap connecting your business’s current reality with your vision
  • Detail the 2-3 projects we believe would best benefit you and your team right now

This is an intense coaching session, with the outcome being the basis of a cohesive strategy for your future. For larger businesses, we may recommend multiple Strategy Sessions at this step to ensure all of the owners / leaders are aligned before moving forward.

At every stage, we will provide you with supporting documentation, diagrams, and language to assist.

At the conclusion of your Business Review, you will have a fuller understanding of your business today and a narrow focus of the 2 or 3 strategic priorities you can best focus on. 90% of my clients at this stage request our guidance designing that strategy through project coaching.

For some information on how that project coaching can look, and the investment in coaching required, please read ‘How much does Business Coaching Cost?‘.

Are you ready to discuss how business coaching can help you and your business? Then let’s chat: email or call/text me on +61 427 151 181.