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Keynote Speaker Videos

When you are a Conference or Event Organisers looking an inspiring keynote speaker or experienced MC, you need to see more evidence that the speaker you’re researching is engaging on stage.

Having presented at Conferences in Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Hong Kong, thankfully I have various video examples of my keynote presentations. Some of these represent my evolving style over more than 10 years, while in others you can see how I delivered a specific brief (in one case, as ‘Business Santa’).

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Embracing the Feminine to Create a Robust Legal Business

Happy Lawyer, Happy Life Retreat, 2018

My most popular current Keynote addresses the fundamental differences between a masculine and feminine approach to business, helping many business owners appreciate why the ‘best practice’ they’ve been sold isn’t actually working for the life they want to lead.

Shock the Startup

Digital8 Panel Discussion, 2018

What do Start-up business really need to worry about?

Why is Brisbane attracting so many new businesses?

What are the biggest mistakes I see founders making, and more.

Hosted by Joe McCord, General Manager at Digital8.

Blackboard Fridays Web Series

134 Episodes, 2016-2019

In partnership with businessDEPOT, I produced and recorded 134 episodes of the business leadership video series Blackboard Fridays. Every short episode was designed as a 5 minute burst of insight into a specific topic relevant to succeeding on your business journey – two representative examples are included below.

Understand and Manage Business Risk

London New Finance, 2011

Not every event nails it with the audio and lighting (the most recent LNF event I attended was in a much better venue than this!) In the middle of the double-dip Recession (aka the Global Financial Crisis) this was one of the most relevant topics I’ve been asked to speak on.

A Framework for Better Decision Making

The businessDEPOT Christmas Spectacular, 2016

As the final speaker for the final event of the year, my brief was to communicate my core business message in a memorable way. Three years later, some of the attendees from this night still call me ‘Business Santa’.

The Business of Real Estate

The Property Management Leadership Summit, 2018

This panel discussion, including questions from the floor, ended the first day of the very successful 2018 Property Management Leadership Summit.

Cultural Due Diligence

Tailored Business Workshops, 2012-13

Part of the Shirlaws Global product team, I helped design and roll-out our Cultural Due Diligence product – combining the Shirlaws Compass behavioural indicators with tailored business workshops.

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