Shameless Praise

Welcome to my collection of Shameless Praise – some of the testimonials and recommendations my amazing clients and colleagues have bestowed upon me over the years.

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“Jacob Aldridge has been an enormous asset to our business, both in creating a great platform for our growth and also for our personal growth as leaders in our organisation. I would highly recommend Jacob for anyone who wishes to take their business to the next level and help establish better balance in their lives.”
Tate Brownlee and Kristen Merrion, Principals Raine & Horne Banora Point

“I have always known ‘why’ I want to build my business, but I realised I didn’t know the strategic steps to take in order to achieve this goal within my timeframe. This is where Shirlaws came in. In the first few months alone of working with Jacob, I have clarity on each of the steps I need to take and an action plan I am now well on the way to implementing. This expansion plan includes acquisitions and the development of an innovative new product around a system that I had right under my nose. To do this without the insight and guidance of someone who has proven experience in scaling up a business could have taken me another 10 years of facing fear, alone. I know with Jacob’s guidance I will achieve my BHAG and have the freedom to be able to fulfill my life’s purpose of helping children through my charity.”
Belinda Vesey-Brown, Founder and CEO Brio Group

“Jacob’s insightful presentations are challenging and really informative – they’ve given me a structure for planning development of our business that continues to open my mind further through every session.”
Vivienne Kane, Owner ExcitePrint

“Jacob was engaged by my company at the time to provide guidance, coaching and planning through our ‘frantic’ phase. His passionate, realistic and forward-thinking style was invaluable…I would wholeheartedly recommend Jacob to any business needing a either a shot in the arm or a complete overhaul.”
Conor Murdock, Vice President, Business Development at Stellar Recruitment- Americas

“The value that Jacob added to our business is twofold. He lives the bigger game bringing a strong strategic perspective together with the ability to build process and structure to support the implementation of the strategy. Secondly his energy – he is always happy, always sees the positive and always happy to get his sleeves rolled up and get stuck in. He is a real asset to any business that has a passion to grow and make a difference.”
Juliet Turnbull,

“Thank you for being part of the Traction community”
Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares, Authors of Traction and Traction Tactics

“You are one of the easiest clients I’ve ever dealt with. You fucking rock.”
James Rose, Aktura Technology

“We can put out an inflatable Jacob doll at the front – no one will notice the difference! “
Nadine Zrinzo, Bright Conferences

“Jacob’s business insights and experiences are world-class. Great facilitator and invaluable as a coach.”
Jenny Vandyke, Principal Consultant, Zumbara Consulting

“His MC skills are second-to-none, his execution of a well thought-through marketing and social media plan worked wonders, and his knowledge of the Shirlaws IP was a tremendous resource for the whole team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Alan Wick, Shirlaws Business Coach

“Witty. Thought provoking. Great speaker. Good sense of humour kept me focused and awake.”
Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) Workshop Attendee

“Jacob’s energy is boundless and his coaching capability immense. He is also a man of many talents. He was instrumental in devising and introducing our new newsletter across the business which has now touched several hundred of my clients and enabled me to connect with new friends. I value Jacob for the positive difference he has made for my business.”
Jim Henderson, Management Consultant, Harrison James Partnership

“An imitation Tony Robbins is standing in for Paul Graham tonight.”
Florian @fmu, Coder, Founder, Scientist

“Jacob doesn’t like slogans / Look at Jacob’s profile / Jacob likes word salads / Don’t be like Jacob.”
Darryl Snow @lapuntadelfin, Surfing flâneur

“Jacob is a brilliantly entertaining guy with a gift for bringing a room to life and helping people learn in a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere. Equally at home with the detail of a business issue, Jacob delivers a very rare combination of talent – and all with a ‘can do’ attitude. Superb!”
Andy Hurst, Shirlaws UK Business Coach

“Jacob is a brilliant MC and energised the whole audience for 3 days.”
Roy Lauder, Business Coach Scotland

“Thoroughly recommend reading this article Jacob wrote. He is very clever, and likewise writes clever things.”
Beth Purnell, Green Apple Studios

“If attending meetings ever becomes an Olympic event, Jacob Aldridge will be in gold medal contention.”
Caroline James, Sydney Morning Herald

Entrepreneurs: get this quirky, smart guy in your favourites list and go from hopeful to confident
Carrie Bedingfield, Founder of Onefish Twofish and 50th Generation

“I’ve never seen a coffee cup used as a security blanket toy for an hour. Distracting.”
Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) Workshop Attendee

“Meet Jacob Aldridge, Crunch client, antipodean Business Coach … and the ultimate remote worker.”
Jon Norris, Crunch Accounting

“His motivation and dedication are second to none and his personal and communication skills are really superb. I would recommend Jacob to anyone who wants to have absolute confidence that things – and the right things – will get done; and have a good time doing it.
“Our only complaints remain his choice of jokes and ties.”
John Rosling, CEO, Contexis


As you could imagine, I’m delighted that so many people have said such nice things about me, and doubly so because all of those quoted are great business people. “I thank you all”Jacob Aldridge, international business coach, MC, speaker, writer, Brisbane Australia.