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How Can Coaching Give You More Time, Money, Freedom, and Impact?

When growing your own law firm, you can either learn from the experience of others … or make all the mistakes yourself. One option is a lot cheaper and faster!

Proven over 17 years, the Como approach to business is clearest in life we – Jacob and Harmony Aldridge – are living. Married since 2008, business partners since 2010, and parents since 2019 we have built a business, grown family wealth, and continued to travel the world even in the face of IVF, Covid, and the reality of being the sandwich generation.

Harmony (Admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2007) specialises in helping lawyers directly. How many female lawyers do you know wake up in their early 40s, suddenly facing the demands of being a Partner / Barrister / Business Owner / Senior Lawyer … plus the relentless expectations of a Spouse, Kids, and aging Parents?

Jacob (Business Coach since 2006) is the Practice and Business Management specialist, bringing personalised strategic solutions across all 28 areas of your business.

So whether you’re a successful lawyer wanting questioning the Work Life Balance you were sold, or a firm owner wanting solutions for Wealth, Growth, Revenue, or Profit – the conversation starts here.

Introducing Harmony Aldridge

Business Coach for Lawyers Harmony Aldridge Harmony was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2007, and since then has worked in a range of firms, including Norton Rose Fulbright Australia, Allen & Overy London, and inhouse with BDO and Virgin Australia.

In 2010 she took a director role with Just Adore Pty Ltd, the company behind Como, combining the practical realities of business ownership with additional coaching training through companies including Shirlaws Group, Open Up, and I Am Lovable.

In 2022 Harmony shifted focus primarily to coaching female lawyers and business leaders, recognising that her extensive life experience brings extra value to the tools and concepts she helps implement.

Talk to Harmony about:

  • Achieving your work goals in less time
  • Juggling the reality of  motherhood, marriage, and the law
  • Professional Skills, Practice Management and Business Skills training

Did you know: Most Como coaching and training is CPD-eligible and tax deductible.

Legal Coaching Program – with Harmony Aldridge

How quickly can you change your life, for the better?

Most lawyers are sceptical of outside support and coaching, placing limited value in “soft” skills and “nice” conversations. Como Legal doesn’t disagree! Instead, we want to bring you power skills and proven, practical approaches that you will continue to use for the long-term.

If you want more Time, Money, Freedom, and Impact then Harmony’s 6 Session Coaching Program is tailored to your specific priorities. Do you need support around finding more billable hours, or working on business development? Delegating to your Associates, or managing your (fellow?) Partners? Or can you manage your work demands … at the expense of the family life you really want?

Over just 3 months, learn and apply the life and business frameworks you need to help with:

  • Creating More Time and More Money
  • Taking, and Shedding, Responsibility
  • Setting Clearer Expectations
  • Crafting your Personal and Business Vision
  • Speaking Your Truth
  • Embracing the Business Lifecycle and your Legal Career Path
  • and more, tailored to your needs.

Ongoing coaching is then optional for those who want regular support, check-ins, and reminders on their journey.

Training with Flair – That Actually Works!

CPD Training for Lawyers - Professional Skills, Practice Management and Business Skills Looking for CPD-eligible training for your team, clients, or association?

Want practical insights that facilitate useful change?

Find out why firms from sole practitioners to multinationals recommend our Professional Skills, Practice Management and Business Skills training.

Available in-person or remote worldwide, popular topics include:

  • Non-Legal Skills for Lawyers
  • Embracing Feminine Energy for Balanced Leadership
  • Capacity Planning for Private Practice Firms
  • Double or Nothing: How to Increase Growth and Decrease Risk

Blackboard Fridays

From November 2017 until June 2019 (when we set off to travel the world with our newborn daughter) Jacob produced and recorded 134 episodes of the business leadership video series Blackboard Fridays.

Every short episode was designed as a 5 minute burst of insight into a specific topic relevant to succeeding on your business journey. We revisited some important topics, and ultimately explored every topic of my business advisory methodology across 16 categories.

You can view the whole catalogue here, or enjoy the two relevant topic videos below before scrolling further to learn more. If you prefer, subscribe here to receive a Blackboard Fridays episode (and other timely business insights) into your inbox every Friday.

Enjoy The Journey

Who We Work With

It’s no secret that Lawyers are at a high-risk of experiencing anxiety, burnout, and depression – especially when other life pressures, including parenthood, come to bear.

It doesn’t have to be this way! And as evidence we submit the lawyers and law firms we work with, who reached a level of success and were then brave enough to ask “is this really as good as it gets?”

  • Am I really expected to show up, bill my hours, work late, and miss my family for the next 20 years?
  • Am I destined to send my kids to a top private school, but have no role in their education due to more pressing client demands?
  • Is paying off my mortgage and growing my superannuation going to make me happy while I work to age 65?
  • If owning my own law firm is the key to ‘having it all’, why am I working harder and earning less than some of my employees?

Most legal Partners and Business Owners live in an anxious and hopeful world – dependent on an emotional rollercoaster career, constantly having to fake being the expert in control, and unaware of how to change their mindset and their business practices.

They feel lonely or alone, believing they’re on the right track but feeling they have to do it all themselves.

At Como Legal, we bring the strategy and foresight so you can once again feel you are being fully authentic, fully you. If that’s what you desire, we can help you become secure, relaxed, and able to enjoy the money, time, and lifestyle that a legal career can deliver.

Want to talk about Business Coaching for your Law Firm? Call Jacob 0427 151 181

Want to talk about Coaching for you and the balance in your life? Call Harmony 0468 434 323

Mel Telecican reviews best business coach Brisbane Australia

“The content and application was valuable enough to be implementing straight away. I recommend Jacob to all my networks.”

Mel Telecican

Founder, LawUE and Loyalest
Taryn Lovegrove Legal Business Coach

Thought provoking. I came into this talk virtually disagreeing entirely with the concept. I’ve come out with much thinking to do!”

Taryn Lovegrove

Associate & Intellectual Property Lawyer – Davies Collison Cave
John Rosling CEO reviews best business coach Brisbane Australia

I would recommend Jacob  to anyone who wants to have absolute confidence that the right things will get done and, have a good time doing it.

John Rosling

CEO, Contexis UK
From Australia to the World

The Business of Being International

When seeking the best mix of capability and personality to work with your business, geography is a limiting belief not a limiting factor.

Como AI is an international business coaching company, but as you’ll see in that link pure business coaching is a waste of money. Your team already demand you have all the answers – only a muppet would pay someone to bring them just more questions. That’s why we adopt a hybrid approach, to provide personalised consulting or training solutions as well as the coaching approach to help rapidly transfer business skills.

And while we are currently based in Brisbane, Australia, our clients don’t need to be. We pioneered remote coaching in 2010, and have worked remotely and in person with businesses around Australia and across the UK, North America, Dubai, Hong Kong and Fiji. In 2022 Jacob was even nominated for the Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame – while recognising that many associations and companies still prefer an in-person keynote speaker.

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