Complete Blackboard Fridays Business Video Series

From November 2017 until June 2019, in partnership with businessDEPOT, I produced and recorded 134 episodes of the business leadership video series Blackboard Fridays.

Every short episode was designed as a 5 minute burst of insight into a specific topic relevant to succeeding on your business journey. We revisited some important topics – hello “Better Business Meetings” – a few times, and ultimately explored every topic of my business advisory methodology across 16 categories.

Image, in case you weren’t sure why it was called BLACKBOARD Fridays. These were released on the last business day of each week, in case you weren’t sure why it was called Blackboard FRIDAYS.

If you prefer, you can view the videos in the order they were released, using the YouTube playlist here.

Or browse via the category list below:

Business Lifecycle

Commercial Vision




Growth Planning

Brand Promise

Customer Journey




Operational Structure

Learning and Development

Business Financials

Systems and Processes


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