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Tom and Kahlee welcome International business coach Jacob Aldridge

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In an emotional and personal business discussion, Tom and Kahlee covered many topics with their business coach Jacob Aldridge: How a stalling business compelled them to invest in a business coach when they couldn’t afford it, How the struggles they faced were perfectly normal for a fast-growing successful trade business, and What specific priorities Jacob identified and helped them with over a number of years. 

No business owner has the time or budget to engage 28 different specialists. You need 1 person you can trust, who can show you how all 28 areas of a business are connected and therefore where you need to focus your energy now.

That one person is Jacob Aldridge: and as a special gift for fans of Tom and Kahlee, Jacob has opened 5 spaces for the new Como AI coaching program.

Since that work is designed for established businesses (minimum 4 employees), Jacob is also offering new and aspiring business owners a free hard copy of his book The Start-up Business Guide.

Plus see below for more links to business growth videos, articles, and diagnostic tools – all free of charge! You don’t even need to subscribe to Jacob’s weekly business newsletter … but you probably want to, and that’s free as well.

Como AI: Actual Intelligence for your business

When I began coaching SMEs in 2006 there were two types of businesses: “normal” and “digital”. Today, every business is a digital business in some way.

The new divide is between normal and “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) companies. Right now, AI is only marginally useful for the average small or medium size business (12-96 employees). But over the next 10 years…

That’s why my team have launched Como AI – the proven business coaching I’ve delivered for almost 20 years, combined with genuinely practical AI tools that will release time and cash in your operations.

Time and cash you can then invest to accelerate your life and family towards the freedom you desire.

If you want to be one of the 5 launch partners for Como AI, and benefit from our introductory pricing of just $2,500+gst per month, then click here to book a free qualification call or just use the telephone (the robots hate that!) and call me on 0427 151 181.

Business Coaching that uses AI Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Tools

The Start-up Business Guide, First Edition

Just before I was on the Small Business Survival Guide, I discovered an extra box of my book “The Start-up Business Guide: 50 First Steps Successful Entrepreneurs Complete in their First Year“.

Co-written with another international business coach, Shan Naqvi, this first edition (RRP $50) is currently being updated for the new AI world.

So I’m giving 10 of these books away – I’ll even pay for the postage myself! The only downside is the old cover and URLs that are no longer active – the book remains a definitive guide for any service-based business looking to start and grow sustainably … and fast!

Click here to leave your details.

Blackboard Fridays

From November 2017 until June 2019 (when I set off to travel the world with my newborn daughter) I produced and recorded 134 episodes of the business leadership video series Blackboard Fridays.

Every short episode was designed as a 5 minute burst of insight into a specific topic relevant to succeeding on your business journey. We revisited some important topics, and ultimately explored every topic of my business advisory methodology across 16 categories.

You can view the whole catalogue here, or enjoy the two relevant topic videos below before scrolling further to learn more about Jacob Aldridge the work I do.

Enjoy The Journey

Who I Work With

Most business owners will never achieve their financial ambitions because they fail to grow beyond being small business owners. They live in an anxious and hopeful world with just one business, one primary income stream, unaware of how to change their mindset and their business practices.

They feel lonely or alone, believing they’re on the right track but feeling they have to do it all themselves. I bring the strategy and foresight so you can once again feel you are being fully authentic, fully you. If it’s what you desire, I can help you become secure, relaxed, and able to enjoy the money, time, and lifestyle that business ownership can deliver.

Conor Murdock Stellar Recruitment

I wholeheartedly recommend Jacob to any business. His passionate, realistic and forward-thinking style was invaluable.

Conor Murdock

Director of Growth, IONYX
Belinda Vesey-Brown, Founder Brio Group

Working with Jacob, I have clarity on each of the steps I need to take, and an action plan I am now implementing.

Belinda Vesey-Brown

Founder, Brio Group and Meet Aandi
John Rosling CEO reviews best business coach Brisbane Australia

I would recommend Jacob  to anyone who wants to have absolute confidence that the right things will get done and, have a good time doing it.

John Rosling

CEO, Contexis UK
From Australia to the World

The Business of Being International

When seeking the best mix of capability and personality to work with your business, geography is a limiting belief not a limiting factor.

I call myself an international business coach, but as you’ll see in that link pure business coaching is a waste of money. Your team already demand you have all the answers – only a muppet would pay someone to bring them just more questions. That’s why I adopt a hybrid approach, to provide personalised consulting or training solutions as well as the coaching approach to help rapidly transfer business skills.

And while I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia, my clients don’t need to be. I have worked face-to-face with clients in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as across the UK, North America, Dubai, Hong Kong and Fiji. And since my first remote coaching engagement in 2010, I have increasingly worked with business owners and leadership teams around the world where none of us need to commute – in 2022 I was even nominated for the Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame.

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