The Start-up Business Guide

The Start-up Business Guide: 50 First Steps Every Successful Founder Completes in their First Year

Everything you need to know to survive your first year in business, and grow sustainably for many years thereafter.

The Start-Up Business Guide

Since starting my business advisory career I have worked with more than 1,000 small and medium-sized business owners, in Australia and around the world. Some of these are early-stage businesses; some have reached the post-Start-up ‘Trough of Sorrow’!; and many have burst through into the good times of a Scale-up enterprise.

What do the successful businesses have in common? And how can you apply those lessons to your business, when you begin or when you hit a brick wall in your plans? This is why I wrote The Start-up Business Guide in conjunction with fellow international business advisor Shan Naqvi.

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The First Step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But what about the second step? And the third? And the ones after that, stretching out from the start of your business journey until you have reached your every dream? Let us help…

With input from more than a dozen experienced business coaches, advisors, and mentors. We have drawn on experience helping more than 1,000 privately-owned companies around the world not only survive their Start Up journey, but thrive and grow financially and personally.

Here is your opportunity to learn from the experience of others, rather than your own trial and error. Covering in detail the 50 first steps every successful business founder completes in their first year, the Start-up Business Guide is your essential tool to business success.

Critical chapters include pricing, branding, legal structures, mindset, and more. Available from all of these great retailers for prices up to $135.99 (!), or exclusively here for just $24.99 including postage.

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What Are the 50 First Steps?

To make this book as practical as possible, each of the 50 steps is addressed in a short chapter. You can read from cover to cover, or dive immediately into key topics that feel most relevant to you.

When you think about your business today – could you mark yourself highly across all of these areas? If not, $24.99 is a small price to pay for a better business.

  1. Like Swimming (and Sex)
  2. Mindset
  3. Emotions of a Start-Up
  4. Don’t Copy the Wrong Homework
  5. Top 3 Priorities
  6. Target Market
  7. Value Proposition
  8. Validating Ideas
  9. Structures
  10. Brand and Name
  11. Start-up Digital Footprint
  12. Product
  13. Pricing
  14. Business Model
  15. Break Even Formula
  16. RNR Colors: Roles ‘n’ Responsibilities for Rest ‘n’ Recuperation
  17. Work Flows
  18. Key Relationship – Accountant
  19. Key Relationship – Mentor
  20. Context vs Content
  21. Layers of Context
  22. Commercial Vision
  23. Cultural Vision
  24. Risk Profile
  25. Critical Partnership Questions – Strategic
  26. Critical Partnership Questions – Operational
  27. Key Financial Metrics
  28. Personal vs Business Finances
  29. Making Investment Decisions
  30. Cash Flow
  31. Debtors (and Creditors)
  32. Ask: Do I Need Funding?
  33. Pivots
  34. Team
  35. Hiring Your First Team Member
  36. Growth / Capacity
  37. Customers : Advocates or Assassins
  38. Marketing Structure
  39. Bullseye Framework
  40. Sales Hourglass
  41. Sales Meeting
  42. Critical Numbers: Sales
  43. Referrals from Client Program
  44. Client Service Program
  45. Testimonials / Case Studies
  46. Skill Development
  47. Premises
  48. Leveraging Technology
  49. Suppliers
  50. One More Piece of Information

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