Non Legal Skills – Training Needs Analysis

Thanks for attending our workshop for The Club! As promised, here are some downloads and links.

The Non Legal Skills of a High Performing Lawyer

As your legal career progresses, so too must your capability in a range of skills that are not the legal skills of your specific practice area. In this webinar, watch industry experts Jacob Aldridge and Harmony Aldridge walk through a simple framework for helping you identify the key skills you want to develop next.

Presentation Slide Deck

Download the complete slide deck (PDF) used in this workshop

Handout to Print

Download the single page ‘Training Needs Analysis’ handout, in PDF form for easy printing and colouring in!

Handout to Complete using Powerpoint

If you prefer not to use a printed version, you can download this Powerpoint slide – and use the Format buttons to simply change the colours of each balloon.

Some of the Specific Skills We Discussed

  1. R ‘n’ R – Roles and Responsibilities
  2. The Impact of Debtors on Cash Flow
  3. Do you know your Profit Formula?
  4. Deciding the Number One Priority in Your Business
  5. Complete Blackboard Fridays Business Video Series

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Jacob and Harmony Aldridge