R ‘n’ R – Roles and Responsibilities

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Good day, Jacob from businessDEPOT here. It’s time for another Blackboard Friday and time is a key theme for this week’s topic. We’re talking R&R and how roles and responsibilities can create for you, the business owner, a lot more rest and recuperation. The framework we use is break a business down into four clear categories.

Every task and every job that you and each member of your team are responsible for fits into one of these four. Is it in the black? Is it building wealth for you and your family? Is it about growth—future growth for your business? Is it more operational, bringing in revenue for your team in the short term? Or is it sitting in a margin space—the administration, the infrastructure, the lifeblood that supports your business?

What I find talking to most business owners is that these two categories are the ones that energize the most. They would love to be spending a lot more time in their week focused on growth and building wealth and yet as a business grows, they often find themselves spending more and more time sitting here doing lower value margin work.

The classic analogy is hundred dollar an hour jobs, first twenty dollars on hour jobs and yet business owners fine. They get pulled into these twenty dollars on hour jobs because it saves them money. Their focus really needs to be on how they build a business and grow more wealth for themselves.

What I encourage you to do is to look at all the tasks that you’re doing and think about where you spend time in your week. If you like, you can even keep a running total in your diary or in your schedule about the different tasks that you’re responsible for and which of these four colors they sit within. What you may find is that a greater percentage of your time is spent in the red and the blue when you really want to be spending time in the green, and maybe even in the black.

You get an understanding of how your time is currently split up. You’ve got a much better chance of managing your time to withdraw yourself from this operational short-term side of the business and invest your time much more heavily on that future growth.

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