Evidence of an Australian Recovery? Reintroducing the Shirlaws Business Links

One of my duties as a partner at Shirlaws business coaching Australia is the production of our fortnightly ‘business links’ newsletter, which will be reproduced (but delayed!) here. To receive the freshest information and join 3,000+ Australian entrepreneurs, you should subscribe here.

From 2008 – 2010, on behalf of my team at Shirlaws Queensland I produced a (then weekly) business links newsletter designed to share with you the best business information from around the world, mixed in with a little bit of fun (including a joke of the week, which was occasionally funny).

As Australia whirled into the vortex of the global financial crisis, we recognised that our clients and valued relationships required a new approach – both in the focus of our coaching, and the material we provided. Our newsletters shifted to more depth of content, less frequently, and our articles, workshops, and annual conference all reflected our new reality: How to Thrive, not just Survive, in the new business landscape.

If you missed any of the articles, on economic cycles and the business opportunities they create, we recommend this free e-book by Darren Shirlaw.

The world has changed again. Our new message, even here in Australia where we were last-in and last-out of the GFC, is Thrive to Innovation. Our current clients are finding new ways to build their business, and we encourage all of you to look at your operations differently to find the hidden opportunities (Oil hidden beneath your Farm, to coin a phrase).

To embody this newly energised spirit, and to once again bring you excitement, innovation, and fun from around the world, we have re-introduced the Shirlaws Business Links focus for our newsletters. Our intention is to, every couple of weeks, send you something brief, memorable, and fun. Consider it another sign of Australia’s hesitant recovery.

Jacob Aldridge and the Shirlaws Australia Team

Innovation just means Different

In talking ‘Innovation’, we realise that it can mean many different things, and risks becoming meaningless.

Innovation doesn’t have to be a new wonder drug or a ‘horse to car’ invention. Think of Innovation as ‘doing it differently’, as this article suggests, to uncover immediate value.

Read more at ShirlawsCoaching.com

Ripe for Disruption

Of course, if you are looking for world-changing innovation it can sometimes feel like all the good ideas have been done. But as this article details, some of the biggest online companies today are ripe for an innovative competitor.

I am reminded of the apocryphal 1899 quote that “everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Read more at JacquesMattheij.com

CEO Workshop Update

Venues have now been finalised for the CEO Events, being hosted by Shirlaws Global CEO Nic Rixon in early July.

Places are limited to CEOs and MDs who want an intensive experience to accelerate their business growth.

For more information on the CEO Workshop Brisbane click here
For more information on the CEO Workshop Sydney click here

Coaching with Experience

My team is part of the 16 Shirlaws business coaches in Australia, and 180 in our family worldwide.

If you would like more information about how we help private businesses create more money, more time, and greater equity value, please let me know.

Joke of the Week

At our global retreat in Canada last month, Partners were each issued with alarm bells and pepper spray to protect them from wild bears.

They were also trained to distinguish the milder Brown Bear’s droppings from the more dangerous Grizzly Bear.

Brown bear droppings are small and round. Grizzly bear droppings are filled with bells and smell like pepper.


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