2021 Queensland Business Grants – Help Program

Don't waste a good recession September Update

Over my 15 years helping small and medium sized businesses across Queensland, many have benefited from Government Grants to help release some cash flow to fund their next strategic step. In May & June 2021, the government is releasing two new grants – and you may be eligible: Business Basics – a $5,000 Grant to…

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Get ready to execute your Post-Recession Strategy

Dont waste a good recession Nov economic overveiw

November economic snapshot. Let’s talk execution! This month you’ll be pulled in many different directions. I’m here to remove some of the noise: Create a time for reflection, and celebrate your COVID Blessings. When bombarded with negativity farewelling 2020, ‘Decline the Invitation’. We are still in a Recession. Keep giving love to your clients. AND…

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November snapshot: two track recovery

November Economic snapshot Dont Waste a Good Recession November Update

Welcome to economic snapshot and business forecast number 20. First, my prediction that Donald Trump will lose the Electoral College 369-169. Of course, that prediction is from November 2016: sometimes being early is the same as being wrong. What are your October economic indicators? What does this mean for business opportunities in November? How can you ensure…

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SO WHAT?! Economic Snapshot and SME Forecast for August 2020

Every month I prepare an Economic Snapshot – to track the Recession, pinpoint the Recovery, and help you make better decisions in your business. Subscribe here for updates by email. Love your business? Remember to Like and Subscribe to “Don’t Waste a Good Recession”. Since the world changed in March 2020, our Economic Snapshot has…

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How to Respond to a Recession at any Price Position

A common assumption is that when the economy turns for the worse, it’s the premium-priced businesses that are most likely to feel the brunt of changes. History has shown – that’s not always the case. Here is my guide for responding to the Coronavirus Recession – whether your business is Haute Couture, Bargain Basement, or…

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