Top 25 Best Business Coaches in Brisbane

If you’re here looking for a great business coach in Brisbane, then click here to see the updated 2020 List. Remember to ask: “How many businesses have you coached through an official Recession?” The Australian GFC doesn’t count – as you’ve probably noticed, this is a LOT different.

Here is my original article – and the list I didn’t create, but which included many business coaches I do know and trust – from 2015.

Recently, LinkedIn has taken to providing rankings of various professionals in different geographies. This was brought to my attention when I appeared on this list of the top 25 business coaches in Brisbane. This is not a list created or curated by me, so apart from those I do know personally this shouldn’t be seen as an endorsement – It’s not apparent what methodology LinkedIn have used in creating this list, based on the “478 professionals” who meet their definition of “business coach profiles in Brisbane Australia”.

For those seeking a clearer criteria for defining “best business coaches”, here are the 4 Characteristics of Great Business Coaches I use. Just 4 of even these top coaches (names highlighted in green) met these standards.

I don’t mind being number 6 on the list, because I’m not the right coach for everyone. If you choose to learn more about me, you’ll see that the clients whose lives I improve are business owners who have already reached a certain size and are ready to receive tangible guidance for their ambitious plans. You can also learn more about my business and my team here.

1. Anthony Davis

Managing Director of Brightwater since March 1993

Brightwater Partnership … a partnership between Small and Medium Business Owners and a structured business development program delivered by experienced Business Advisers. There are only two criteria for a successful Brightwater Business Adviser/Coach … to have owned a small business and to follow the Brightwater System.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you deserve a Coaching system that has stood the test of time.

2. Pam Usher

Managing Director of Biz Success Coaching since January 2010

After 25 years as a CEO, coach and mentor of many different companies and people throughout Australia, Pam has developed and tested ways to ensure profitability is a key feature of a business, equal to having a team who are productive and happy, and who stay and grow with the company, particularly in this time of skills shortage. Increasing growth by 700% and profitability by 30% of an organisation in a highly competitive market was one of many successes Pam has had.

Specialties:Company law, Human Resource Managment & Industrial Relations, Accounting

3. Geoff Oliver

Business Coach at Leisure Seekers since March 2014

Geoff studied externally with and graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in 1995 with a Bachelor of Commerce at the age of 44. In 2014, Geoff partnered with Leisure Seekers as a business coach to bring a wealth of experience from advising businesses as a CPA, with hands on experience as a successful franchise owner and an in depth understanding of Financial Mastery.

4. Michael Wilson

Business Coach and Strategy at Salix since July 2014

Michael brings a wealth of experience to both the business world and the choral world – as a compere; a speaker; a business coach; a business strategist; and a musical director.

As an Authorised YB 12 Coach, he helps businesses and individuals beat procrastination. The YB 12 program is all about having your best year in business ever. Galvanise the minds of your team around a shared business vision, boost productivity, performance and focus.

5. Brian Wilkins

Business Coach at Coates Hire since February 2007

Brian has combined his business coaching role and expertise with the hands-on knowledge that comes from having been a Branch Manager and Accounts Manager with Coates Hire since 2001, in locations as remote as South Melbourne and Moranbah.

6. Jacob AldridgeJacob Aldridge Business Coach Brisbane Australia

International Business Coach since July 2006, Director of Advisory at businessDEPOT since 2016

(This is me.) I’m honoured to be included in this LinkedIn list, recognising that its membership will certainly vary over time and I’m only as great as my last client success. For more information on me, head over to the homepage or my About page.

My team of Financial and Strategic Advisory specialists, supported by the nearly 100 expert members of the businessDEPOT Collective, empower bright ideas for entrepreneurs and active growth businesses in Australia and internationally. I have the greatest success helping leaders in companies with annual revenue between $1.5 and $17 million – if that’s you, let’s chat!.

7. Ross Hanson

Management Consultant and Business Coach at Shirlaws since May 2014

Ross is a mate (and colleague) of mine, so I’m excited to see him on this list as well. He actually reviewed / joined Shirlaws way back in 2002, before creating some other opportunities to build, grow and ultimately exit his own businesses.

As a Business Advisor, Entrepreneur, Writer and Innovator, Ross works with business owners in private enterprise owners to help them uncover the true value of their business assets and find a path to success that does not compromise themselves and keeps them connected to their family and the community.

8. Karen Harmsen

Business Coach at ProVision Eyecare

International,business development professional with solid background in identifying and implementing successful business growth strategies and a passion for developing people.

Often described as the DRIVER, Karen’s tenacity and energy for leading global, cross functional teams, her people skills and attention to detail have created a proven track record of BIG results in retail, wholesale and product development environments.

9. Humphry Roel

Business Coach / Success Coach since September 2014

Humphry grew up in a small business environment, his parents owning a small printing business and also publishers for several local newspapers in Brisbane.

Humphry worked for the Commonwealth Bank for 12 years in various places around Queensland, has 13 years management experience in 4 and 5 star hotels in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and has 15+ years tutoring at Griffith University in a range of business courses adding to his business coaching experience.

10. Nicole Adams

Founder and Owner of NYA Communications since September 2003

A certified German/English translator, editor and public relations consultant with a Masters Degree in Contemporary English Language and Linguistics, Nicole has been a successful solopreneur since 2003 and specialises in PR, marketing and corporate communications.

Nicole is also a qualified business coach and has recently launched an online course for freelance translators, The A to Z of Freelance Translation.

11. Judy Vivian D’Cruz McBurney

Entrepreneur, Coach, and Consultant since January 2011

Judy is a firm believer of “People are the Assets in every Company”, and has been instrumental in developing many HR Training and Development programmes for MNC and SME organisations in Asia and Australia.

12. Scott Charlton

Director of Fortnum Professional and Coach since February 2002

As an accountant, Scott has been in partnership and run his own firm. As a business coach he has assisted over 300 accountants and financial advisers in Australia and New Zealand and is the author of 3 business books and numerous strategy papers dedicated to practical business development for accountants and financial advisers.

Scott helps professionals in practice – accountants, financial advisers, partners, executive managers and business owners – to achieve their potential. This ultimately translates into their business and personal success.

13. Melanie Miller

Business Coach at Agent 99 since April 2010

Melanie’s belief is that working for yourself should be a rewarding life choice and not a chore!

With a career that has taken her all over the world (Canada, Hong Kong, China – even the Gold Coast!), Melanie understands the need to balance work and life and has a passion for finding innovative ways to help businesses succeed.

14. Steve Leach

The World’s Most Experienced ActionCOACH since August 1997

Steve was the world’s first Action Coach franchisee, and has been working with business owners in Brisbane and around the world for almost 20 years. Not only does he bring a diversity of practical and applicable knowledge to his passionate business owner clients, Steve is also a Global Trainer with ActionCOACH which (along with a string of awards) speaks to his expertise and insight.

15. Richard Cave

Owner of Threadneedle Consultancy since January 2006

As the owner and performance and business coach at Threadneedle Consultancy, Richard builds on his experience including 3 years spent as a Franchise Business Coach for Aussie home loans throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

16. Glenn Kunning

Self Employed Coach at FutureWays since February 2009

Glenn launched his coaching business in February 2009 after enjoying many years of success working with some of the top 100 companies in Australia, including ANZ, Mortgage Choice, RAMS, Heritage Building Society, St George, and Bank-West.

As a Sales Specialist he has coached and mentored executives on issues relating to organisational development, employee relations and various business models helping them to align their recruitment, sales and marketing strategies with overall business objectives.

17. Dawn Parker-Jones

Owner of Parker-Jones Boutique Salon Coaching since October 2013

Dawn brings her clients extensive international experience in what she calls “the most amazing industry”, a specialised focus for Salon owners and teams that are ready for the challenges within their business, and are ready to step up and make the change to lead to the result they are wanting.

18. Andy Monks

Owner of The Hero’s Adventure since March 2013

Andy has worked as a personal, leadership and business coach and trained coaches for over 10 years, leading to a dramatic increase in the quality of their lives and the results they produce.

Since October 2014, in his role as Programs Manager at the National Coaching Institute, Andy is accountable for the development and training of the coaching students and members to be successful, make a massive difference for their clients and set a bar for performance, integrity and excellence in the Coaching Industry.

19. Rob Caughey

Firm Owner of Kaibizzen since 2012

Rob joined forces with his wife Faye to launch Kaizen Coaching Queensland and more recently Kaibizzen “Your Business Centre of Excellence”.

Rob believes to achieve our full potential in all aspects of our life we must continue to learn, apply those learnings and then ultimately teach those learnings to others. His vision is simple – to help fellow business owners get where they want to go, work fewer hours and earn more money.

20. Dave Green

Business Coach at ACTION Coach since April 2014

As the largest business coaching network in the world, it’s great to see an Action business coach making this list in Brisbane. Dave works with business owners to improve their business through guidance, support and encouragement.

He specialises in Small to Medium Size Businesses, providing strategic business coaching for business owners and their teams, including business planning, systemisation, marketing & sales strategy development, and team development.

21. Peter Olivier

Organisation Change Management since May 2014

Peter is passionate about creating the right organisation culture for successful business transformation and continuous improvement.

He specialises in the alignment and integration of Organisation Culture, Business Strategy, Execution plans and Performance targets to improve and sustain overall business performance and transformation. Client successes include Carlton and United Breweries and Harrison Grierson.

22. Peter Burrows

Owner of Growth Profit Solutions since April 2011

Peter shares that one of the lessons gained from coaching was the importance of being able to leverage your business – and since replicating the same or variations of the same systems to each new client was not efficient, the concept of the Tradies Friend ( app was developed.

Peter continues to coach selected business clients, still enjoying the difference he makes in peoples lives.

23. Jacqui Norman

Salon Soul Business Coach at Karendavid International since August 2011

A results-driven coach, Jacqui will show you how to achieve amazing results in your salon – built on a wealth of experience over 30 years in the industry including time as a successful salon owner in the UK and NZ.

In delivering her coaching, Jacqui has built a reputation for bringing encouragement, passion, and a cheery disposition that delivers commercial outcomes as well.

24. Rose Kelly

Head of Training and Coaching at Real Estate Dynamics since November 2013

Rose is the final coach on this list who I know personally, which allows me to personally vouch for her energy, expertise, and leadership role in the real estate industry (and especially for principals and property management teams).

Over more than 30 years in the industry, Rose has built her own successful agency and rent roll, founded, published and sold The Property Management Journal, and held a plethora of internal roles that give her the knowledge required to create the desired change (and fast, if need be).

25. Keith Davidson

Owner of Just Small Business since September 2010

Most small business owners struggle to understand the financials of running a business or lack systems and processes that generate a more profitable result. Without clear goals in your business you start working more hours in your business, worrying about if the bills can be paid on time or if at all… Life becomes stressful.

Keith has worked with 857 businesses (last time he counted), so brings more than just passion. He shows clients how to become an “on the business sort of person” not an “in the business sort of person” with the roadmap and strategies to stay on track, so you know that you are doing OK on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.


They say Brisbane is a small country town. In regards to being connected, my personal take is that the more awesome you are, the smaller it feels. I do know and work with several of the business coaches on this list, and in reviewing them all for this article I was also pleasantly surprised to see how many of them know people I know (and have received recommendations from them).

I work with many business coaches in Brisbane who are not on this list, so I know it’s not a comprehensive directory of everyone you might want to speak with if you’re looking for the help a coach may provide. Still, it’s a worthy acknowledgment to all involved and I congratulate them all for earning their place on this LinkedIn list.

If you know other coaches in Brisbane who you feel should be on this list, let me know in the comments below.

And if you don’t know any coaches, or want to learn more about what business coaches do (hint: it varies wildly!), my contact details are below and you can click here to subscribe to my business links newsletter.


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  3. Lesley Gillett on June 11, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Hullo Jacob,
    I’m seeking a highly experienced professional business coach to support the growth of
    my holistic health care organisation in SE Queensland. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience?

    Many thanks,
    Lesley Gillett
    0411 514 333
    PS: You might like to remove Geoff Kirkwood from you list as he sadly passed away in January.

    • Jacob Aldridge on June 12, 2015 at 2:57 pm

      Thank you Lesley for letting me know the sad news about Geoff. I will update the list accordingly, and also be in touch shortly to discuss your growth strategies.

    • Marcus Jovanovich on March 18, 2017 at 5:26 pm

      Hi Lesley,

      Try Lauren Mclaughlin at (it’s her new site – still under construction)

      She previously owned a company called Holistic Business Coaching and has done a huge body of work in this space.

      She has worked with some big name celebrities(and continues to do so) and sport stars as well as big business in the holistic wellness space.

      Good Luck

      [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Marcus – I know Lauren is a client of your marketing business so you’ve been engaged to help promote her website. Because there may be a match with that historical comment you have replied to, I will leave your comment live in good faith but have NOFOLLOWed the link. Jacob]

      • marcus on April 6, 2017 at 2:32 pm

        Hi Jocob,

        Not looking to promote and not looking for a link (happy for no link at all)

        simply reading your article and noticed the comment and though they would be a great fit… If you are not in favour of promoting others, then I an confused about the blog to begin with. remove the comment if you like.

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  6. Jacob Aldridge on July 15, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    Thanks for sharing Anna! I’m not familiar with Alan Gavornik Consulting – do they have a team presence in Australia, and Brisbane specifically?

  7. Russell O'Reilly on September 17, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Hi Jacob,
    I’m searching for a business mentor/coach; obviously how I found you and the top 25 list. I’m small, definitely not in the millions yet and certainly far from it but I aim to be. I was wondering if you could recommend anyone with distribution company experience in Brisbane as I prefer face to face?
    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards,

    Russell O’Reilly

    • Russell O'Reilly on September 17, 2016 at 3:58 pm

      whoops rookie mistake # 1 – left a reply instead of mailing you directly…

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    Hi Jacob, i focus more on counselling and life coaching but was looking for a list just like this for the odd referral. Thank you for all your work in bringing this together.
    Warm regards,

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