IN THE MEDIA: Coronavirus Claims Another Victim

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Don’t worry, the victim wasn’t me (at least at the time of the interview!). Nor was it the breakfast client of mine who was among the first in Australia to contract the COVID-19 Coronavirus (thankfully, without passing it to anyone else, including me!).

“The coronavirus has already seen Australia’s restaurant sector take a huge revenue hit, but it seems the impact of the virus has hit another sector even harder: corporate events…

Jacob Aldridge is a keynote speaker and international business advisor. On Friday he learned his next two speaking events overseas had been cancelled.

“Ironically, I was due to be speaking on how businesses prepare for times of economic uncertainty,” Aldridge told Yahoo Finance.

And while the organisers are planning to have speakers deliver remotely or via recording for all their members, Aldridge said it won’t be the same.

“So much of the value in any conference happens in the hallway between sessions,” he said.

“While coronavirus will affect my business as a speaker, key conference content will still be shared. The much larger impact on organisations and industries is skipping a whole year of the relationship-building and serendipitous innovation that conferences create.”

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