IN THE MEDIA: How to prevent a K-shaped economic recovery

Source: In The Black Most economists agree that the gulf between rich and poor has widened as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, raising concerns about a “K shaped” recovery. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many economists were hoping for a V-shaped recovery – a brief spell in the economic doldrums followed…

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Source: The Irish Sun ARE you struggling to find the motivation to continue your binge-watching efforts? For the first and hopefully only time in your life, those hours spent streaming Tiger King will be helping to save lives. So this week we spoke with Jacob Aldridge. As a bonafide binge-watching expert, we asked him for…

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IN THE MEDIA: I was on FM104 Radio in Dublin, Ireland

This Man Spent 60 Hours Watching Movies Back To Back Source: The Room on FM104 Imagine my surprise to receive an email from the team behind Dublin’s top-rating evening radio program ‘The Room’. In the Coronavirus Lockdown world, they’ve been talking a LOT about binge-watching everyone’s favourite shows on Netflix et al … and it…

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IN THE MEDIA: Teaching Business in Pakistan

Source: Daily Times, Pakistan “Books on entrepreneurship are not easy to write and those which are already in the market are not easy to read due their typical language which instigate boredom but The Start-up Business Guide: 50 First Steps Every Successful Founder Completes in their First Year is written in vivid language that it…

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IN THE MEDIA: What difference your book makes in the world

Source: Non Fiction Authors Association On the publication of The Start-up Business Guide, I was asked by the Non Fiction Authors Association (along with others) “What difference do you hope to make in the world with your books?” Clearly those of us who write and publish books do so because we believe they can add…

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IN THE MEDIA: Crooning and Grooving in Virginia

Source: Slate I’m not much of a ‘Dear Abby’ fan, but Slate‘s ‘Care and Feeding’ column seemed like the perfect place to ask a critical parenting question of mine! As the father of a newborn daughter, I’m loving all the opportunities to lullaby her to sleep. However, I didn’t see the point in learning a…

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IN THE MEDIA: 5 Ways Managing Partners Must Respond

Novel Corona Virus

Source: Lawyers Weekly The sudden collapse of global share markets, supply chains, and consumer confidence linked to the COVID-19 outbreak risks creating the fastest economic downturn and first Australia recession in three decades. Law firm partners, particularly managing partners and those who own boutique firms, must respond now to reduce their fallout, writes advisor Jacob…

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IN THE MEDIA: Win Sales Now

The Sales hourglass

Source: The Win Sales Now Podcast It’s always great to speak with people who ‘get’ the world of business in the same relaxed, fun, and abundant way that I (and my clients) view it. Doubly enjoyable when it doubles as a podcast or video conversation. As was the case when I sat down recently to…

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IN THE MEDIA: Coronavirus Claims Another Victim

Coronaviru claims another victim

Source: Yahoo! Finance Don’t worry, the victim wasn’t me (at least at the time of the interview!). Nor was it the breakfast client of mine who was among the first in Australia to contract the COVID-19 Coronavirus (thankfully, without passing it to anyone else, including me!). “The coronavirus has already seen Australia’s restaurant sector take…

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