World Telephone Day: A Very Special Phone Number

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The 25th of April each year is World Telephone Day, and one Australian telco customer has kept their number for 26 years!

What’s the history behind this day, and how long have you kept your number?

While many people have kept their landline number for decades, Jacob Aldridge (age 42) has had the same mobile number for more than 24 years and has paid to keep it despite moving across the world, as it is also his 6-digit date of birth.

Jacob said: “I’ve had the same mobile number since my first phone in the year 2000. In that time, I’ve even moved around the world, and paid to keep my Australian accounts active so that my phone number doesn’t disappear.

“Why? Because when I bought my first mobile phone the call centre operator offered something amazing – My phone number is also my 6-digit date of birth. As I like to say whenever I give someone my phone number: “Now you have my birthday I expect a present!”

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And scroll down to find my phone number … and get ready to buy me that birthday present!

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