IN THE MEDIA: How I earn 6 Figures Online (and how you can too)

Source: eBiz Facts

This interview was the culmination of three awesome choices I have made in my life!

1) Regular readers of my Monthly Updates will know how open I am sharing my income, equity, business wins and challenges. ‘Transparency’ is one of my core values after all.

2) My focus in recent years, and especially 2019, was learning to work while travelling. One of the first #DigitalNomads I ever encountered, and someone whose newsletters I never miss, is Niall Doherty (lately of eBiz Facts).

3) One of my 3 favourite “overlooked marketing opportunities” is leveraging your ‘Out of Office’ email to add some pizzazz and personality to an otherwise boring, transactional communication.

These 3 factors combined when I was on the road last year. Niall’s latest newsletter hit my inbox; he immediately received my Out-of-Office which caught his eye, and which directed him to my latest monthly update.

Imagine my surprise when I received a further email from Niall, sharing how much he loved those updates and my openness, and wondering whether I would do the same for his readers.

You know how I responded…

Read the whole article (it’s impressively long and detailed) here…

Walking along the river in St Andrews
Walking along the river in St Andrews with my Beautiful Wife and Business Partner

Through the wide-ranging interview, I answered questions sharing details on my:

  • Business Model
  • Income
  • Expenses / Profitability
  • Lead Generation breakdown
  • Start-up Costs
  • Product Suite
  • Frustrations and Limitations

as well as

  • How I went online
  • What I would do if I was starting again today
    (HUGE value right there, if you want to copy my online business coaching success)
  • What business tools I use and recommend

At the end of the day, not everyone wants to earn $200,000 per year, or be a coach, or work mostly / exclusively online – let alone do all three while travelling the world with a baby!

But you know what – I did all of those things, and that’s pretty amazing. So if you want the nuts and bolts, behind the great pictures and bullet points…

Read the whole article (it’s impressively long and detailed) here…

My Salzburg ‘Office’. This picture made Niall laugh.

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