IN THE MEDIA: Relocation Recap

Source: Health Wellness Revolution

by Kylie Bevan

We moved to London in the middle of the global financial crisis. Our primary context was the opportunities that created to travel, and we certainly made the most of that opportunity (in 2012, for example, we visited 25 different countries).

On a business front, I took my business coaching skills from Australia but had to start my business from scratch in a new country and at a time when investing for the future wasn’t a priority for many business owners. To have succeeded in that environment, and built the global relationships I did as a result, was incredibly rewarding.

And on a relationship level, the experience (including moving ‘home’ eventually) created many challenges that made us stronger as a couple.

Read the whole article (and learn why ‘coming home’ to Australia was harder than landing in London with no clients) here…

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