Since 2005, I have worked with more than 300 active growth businesses in Australia and the UK (where I have alternated my time), North America and Asia. My clients are private enterprises generating $1.5m-$17m in annual revenue, who average 30% revenue or profit growth working with me (depending on which is their focus).


The Business you had at the start of 2020 is not the business you will have at the end of the COVID-19 Recession.

How you respond now will determine whether you Dive, Survive, or Thrive between today and the end of 2021. My theme right now: Don't Waste a Good Recession.

I remember my first recession as a business coach, working in London and across Europe and North America during the global financial crisis. While today may seem unprecedented, experience has given us a roadmap to the other side and continued success.

This experience makes me one of the youngest advisors working in Australia to have actually helped small and medium-sized businesses (from $750,000 - $20 million) grow through a Recession. Based in Brisbane, Australia, I continue to work with and learn from companies around the world.

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Business advisor, Professional speaker, published author, world-traveller, TV-show host, podcaster, Guinness World Record holder, amazing father and loving husband.

I live an outrageous life, by helping others to do the same.

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I'm the smart and quirky business guy
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Pure business coaching is a waste of money.

Today, the term "business coach" just means "generic, unqualified consultant". Would you prefer something different?


From Recession experience to a Comprehensive Business Methodology, I'm the different you need.


Whether you want to Start-up, Scale-up, Step-up, or Sell-up, let's chat!


Is Remote Life Coaching a good business idea?

I was recently asked whether building a remote business as a Life Coach was a feasible idea. Here’s my response. As you can see, I was fairly negative on the concept. As a somewhat successful Business Coach myself, with a range of remote clients, I’ve met and worked with a variety of different ‘life coaches’…

KPI Co-Founder Glen Carlson

IN THE MEDIA:5 Skills I Recommend for Every New Business Owner

I was recently asked to list 5 skills I think are critical for every business owner, and which are often under-appreciated by those starting their entrepreneurial journey. These originally featured on the Australian Online Courses website. There are definitely some specific skills that distinguish successful small business owners from those who work hard but struggle…


How I Stop Door-Knockers and Telemarketers

Sick of being interrupted? Shut them down! It’s a fact of modern living – and working from home especially – that you’re going to be harangued by the occasional door-to-door salesperson or called by telemarketers. I won’t deny that these can be legitimate business approaches, and indeed that for quality products they’re not necessarily evil….


What Insurances should you buy When?

I like being transparent about my financial decisions in life, because I know how much more valuable real-life experience is rather than hypotheticals. Plus, we’re doing pretty well financially on our road to Financial Independence, so I figure I’m actually a good role model. I was recently asked about my insurance situation, so thought I…


My ‘Real Name’ Policy on Social Media

I probably spend too much time on Social Media: but at least I do it in the open! I’m most active on Twitter and LinkedIn, but also enjoy the engagement of the communities over at Hacker News and some sub-Reddits. One discussion that comes up from time-to-time is the use of one’s ‘Real Name’ versus…

Don't waste a good recession September Update

2021 Queensland Business Grants – Help Program

Over my 15 years helping small and medium sized businesses across Queensland, many have benefited from Government Grants to help release some cash flow to fund their next strategic step. In May & June 2021, the government is releasing two new grants – and you may be eligible: Business Basics – a $5,000 Grant to…

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28 Essential Technology Startup Business Terms

One of my “bricks and mortar” business clients is expanding into the digital world, having identified a sizeable opportunity. This has meant engaging some technology partners and planning a capital raise, which I have been asked to oversee. We had the first meeting with the chosen partners last week, and after all the chat about…



Some business people share "endorsements", "testimonials", or "what people are saying". Me? I'm shameless - I love being praised, and I love sharing the love.

If you want to know what awesome looks like, read on...

“The value that Jacob added to our business is twofold. He lives the bigger game bringing a strong strategic perspective together with the ability to build process and structure to support the implementation of the strategy. Secondly his energy – he is always happy, always sees the positive and always happy to get his sleeves rolled up and get stuck in. He is a real asset to any business that has a passion to grow and make a difference.”

Juliet Turnbull,

“Jacob’s energy is boundless and his coaching capability immense. He is also a man of many talents. He was instrumental in devising and introducing our new newsletter across the business which has now touched several hundred of my clients and enabled me to connect with new friends. I value Jacob for the positive difference he has made for my business.”

Jim Henderson, Management Consultant,
Harrison James Partnership

“Jacob’s business insights and experiences are world-class. Great facilitator and invaluable as a coach.”

Jenny Vandyke, Principal Consultant, 
Zumbara Consulting

“His motivation and dedication are second to none and his personal and communication skills are really superb. I would recommend Jacob to anyone who wants to have absolute confidence that things – and the right things – will get done; and have a good time doing it.
Our only complaints remain his choice of jokes and ties.”

John Rosling, CEO,