The Top 12 Business Coaches in the World

Including the #1 Best Business Coach in Brisbane, Australia

The Coach Foundation has chosen Jacob Aldridge as one of the Top Business Coaches in the World. Twice.

At several points over the last decade I have created a list of the Best Business Coaches in Brisbane Australia. The first list was actually created by LinkedIn, and included me and several coaches I respect (plus, at last check, a number of coaches who have since retired or passed away). When that list started getting a lot of Google traffic, I updated it with a list exclusively of coaches I would recommend.

Now one business coach on that list has been validated by the internationally recognised Coach Foundation as one of the best business coaches in the world: Me.

[2023 Update: For the second year in a row, Jacob Aldridge was named among the Top Business Coaches in the World.]

The Top 12 Business Coaches in the World

Best International Business Coach Award

This list was created by Sai Blackbyrn, founder of The Coach Foundation and someone who has dedicated his focus to finding and learning from the best business coaches in the world, to better educate his team and the coaches they train.

As Sai says, “Running a business in the 21st century is difficult and often frustrating. Running a business may be difficult since owners must continually acquire new strategies and unique ideas in order to develop and make more profit. A business coach helps to tackle the ‘what’s next’ question that haunts entrepreneurs.”

If you click the link, Sai has also run a brief interview with all 12 of the top business coaches he has named. One question he asked that I loved was “What do you do differently or how is your coaching different from others?”

The Best Business Coach for YOU

I love that question because it speaks to a key point: The best business coach ultimately has to be the best business coach for YOUR business.

I don’t pretend to compete with Marshall Goldsmith (though we both spoke at the inaugural World Business & Executive Coach Summit in 2011) or Tony Robbins (with whom I have been confused) – ultimately if they are the best business coach for you, then I am definitely NOT the right business coach for helping your business.

Similarly, with a touch of the modesty for which I am known, there are an abundance of businesses for whom I will be a far better business coach that some of those famous names.

If you’re curious about whether your business might be the right fit for me, click here to learn more.

If you want a more expansive answer to the question “How Does Business Coaching Work?“, then probably click that link!

And if you want to learn more about what makes a great business coach, in my experience, this article I wrote in 2009 on ‘The 4 Characteristics of Great Business Coaches’ is still 100% relevant today.

Thanks to Sai and the Coach Foundation team for this recognition.

This was my local pub when I worked in London. I kept asking, but they never gave me any horses.

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