Does You Business Profit from Workflows that Work & Flow?

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This week’s video is a timely reminder of how to (simply) create gorgeous Workflow documents that increase productivity and improve the customer journey in your business.

ICYMI, here’s my upcoming journey, with one late adjustment: My workshop at Leamington Spa has been moved further north to (I jest you not) the beautiful East Midlands town of Aldridge.

That’s a destination that has long been on my bucket list, so I’ll be spending a few days there taking as many photos as possible.

Have you ever visited a location that shares your name? I also once stayed in a Jacob’s Hotel, and it was awful!

Blackboard Fridays Episode #57 – Creating Workflows that Work and Flow

Implementing an R’n’R project in your business takes time – and as we saw last week, can be a massively profitable initiative.

If there was one element that delivered the greatest bang for your buck, I would suggest ‘Workflows’ would be it.

Clear, documented workflows in a business connect the separate roles and responsibilities with the actual delivery of your policies and procedures.

Best of all they can be fun to create, and literal works of art when completed. I have several clients with Workflows that adorn their office walls – do you reckon they’re fun places to work?

Watch this week’s episode here, and show your team ahead of the next team meeting.

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