Happy 100th Episode Blackboard Fridays!

Happy 100th Episode Blackboard Fridays! In Blackboard Fridays Episode 100, Jacob talks about Marketing. Need this implemented into your business? Talk to the international business advisor who can do exactly that – Contact Jacob, Learn More, or Subscribe for Updates.

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Welcome to Blackboard Fridays’ episode 100.

Over the last two years, we’ve created and shared more than 10 hours of business tips, tactics, strategies and frameworks. So what will we to do with a milestone episode like this? We thought we’d do something different. We’d lose the blackboard, hit the road, and go and have a chat to three of our biggest fans.

With [name], founder of data sites.

Jacob: [name], what was your favorite Blackboard Fridays episode?

[name]: It has to be the pricing in beer one.

Jacob: (throwback) “When and how to raise your prices. But I want to start with a question for you.” What was the most valuable thing you got out of that video?

[name]: ASL is the confidence to to charge real value for my services. By nature, I undercharge but understanding that if all my clients are paying fair value, I can give them a better service that was a real sort of confidence booster to go out there and do it.

Jacob: What would you say you’ve changed in your business thanks to Blackboard Fridays?

[name]: Around pricing. Its two things, really. It’s how we price new customers, so it’s the beer analogy, not leaving it in the fridge and that’s a very easy one to remember, thank you very much. We literally have increased prices 200% on a month to month basis from just a year ago and we now found our sort of optimal price but you know, I still use the technique to occasionally push it and but equally as importantly, it allowed us, there was a technique in there which allowed us to to go back and fix our pricing mistakes which was to actually get our customers to say thank you because they knew that there was more value than what they were paying for. We gave them a little breather, six month breather, to sort of get used to the fact that we were coming up to increase prices for them and and most of them thanked us in and we’re happy as Larry to you continue with the service.

Jacob: Conor O’Shea, CEO of Centenary Landscaping Supplies and connect truckers, thanks for joining us for episode 100.

Conor: You’re welcome.

Jacob: What’s your favorite episode?

Conor: My favorite episode has to be project management.

Jacob: (throwback) “Project management sucks, and why does it suck?”

Conor: I’ve done a bit of coaching with you Jacob but that was one that didn’t come up so much because we had other stuff but that was the episode that I do a lot of project management between the two companies- one company’s brand new and one of them is a mature company. Learning that the changes that are making the mature company and the processes and systems I’m trying to make in the new company, both have different speeds, different energy levels, and my mindfulness of both my own excitement around a project and then the team’s excitement and then getting into the crux of planning it and how low the energy gets when it’s not all working.

Jacob: So project management doesn’t suck here anymore.

Conor: Well, still sucks! But I’m very mindful of the the suckiness and what paths to take action in.

Jacob: What have you changed in your business thanks to Blackboard Fridays?

Conor: The big ones, and the ones I often share with the team, are the ones around good meeting structure. I personally use the the project management side of it and talk to some of the other guys that lead those projects to go, “Well, this is where we’re at. This is why it doesn’t feel good at the moment and it’s what we need to do next.”

Jacob: I’m with one of my favorite portfolio entrepreneurs, Clarissa Ray [name], founder of Happy Lawyer, Happy Life and The Brisbane Family Law Center. Thanks for joining us. What is your favorite Blackboard Fridays episode?

Clarissa: I don’t know the exact title but it’s the one where you talk about saying no.

Jacob: (throwback) “What you wanted to do more of in your business, what you wanted to do less of in your business.” What did you like most about that episode?

Clarissa: I think first thing was a reminder to say no and I find in life, particularly business life at the moment, there’s such a push to say yes to everything and there’s so much on like in any given week. There’s events and there’s your actual business and there’s social media, there’s all this stuff and I love that you gave us permission in that episode to be able to say no and I think that was probably my biggest takeaway was just that reminder that it’s actually okay to say no.

Jacob: And what would you say you’ve changed in your business thanks to 100 episodes of Blackboard Fridays?

Clarissa: Everything Jacob, everything that happens in my business is a result of your video show on a Friday. No, I’ll say two things about that, specifically to the episode that we’re talking about today. What I took from what you said and it’s something that I’ve started to really use is the idea that by saying no, I’m actually saying yes. I’m saying yes to things that really matter to me, keeping focused on my goals, not to say that when cool stuff comes up you can’t still say yes but just using that as a decision-making mechanism and saying to yourself, that thing is that in line with what I’m trying to get done and I found that just a really good reminder to do that. Second thing, what your Blackboard Fridays series really did for me was make me think about my marketing, of all things. Because I think it’s great, it’s cool, it comes in on a Friday morning which is a time that I’m happy to watch you chat for a few minutes about something. There’s always a great take away and it just really got me thinking again like, “How can I as a business owner create something that is so savvy, sensible, smart, cool, comes in at the right time?” I’m not sure that was the purpose but in a big picture sense that’s what it made me do.

So there you go. At the end of the day, Blackboard Fridays is not about the blackboard. It’s about you, your business, and your team. We’re so grateful for all the love and support we’ve received in the last 100 episodes and we look forward to adding as much or more value in the 100 to come.

To that note, let me leave you with this. If there’s anything in your business that you’d love to see us discussed, a burning question that you’d love to have answered, reach out, email, social media, or our blackboardfridays.com.au and let us know. I’ll see you for episode 101 and the next 100 beyond that.

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