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welcome to blackboard Friday’s episode100 over the last two years we’vecreated and shared more than 10 hours ofbusiness tips tactics strategies andframeworks so what will we to do with amilestone episode like this we thoughtwe’d do something different we’d losethe blackboard hit the road and go andhave a chat to three of our biggest fans[Music]and with careful we can founder of datasites kept what was your favoriteblackboard Friday’s episode it has to bethe pricing in beer one when and how toraise your prices but I want to startwith a question for you what was themost valuable thing you got out of thatvideoASL is the confidence to the confidenceto charge real value for my services bynature I under George by understandingthat if all my clients are paying fairvalue I can give them a better servicethat was a real sort of confidencebooster to go out there and do itwhat would you say you’ve changed inyour business thanks to blackboardFridays around pricing its to two thingsreally it’s it’s how we price newcustomers so it’s the beer analogy notleaving it in the fridge and that’s avery easy one to remember thank you verymuch we literally have increased prices200% on a month month to month basisfrom just a year ago and we now foundour sort of optimal price but you know Istill use the technique to occasionallypush it and but equally as importantlyit allowed us there was a technique inthere which allowed us to to go back andfix our pricing mistakes which was toactually get our customers to say thankyou because they knew that though thatthere was more value than what they werepaying for we gave them a littlebreather six month breather to sort ofget used to the fact that we were comingup to you know increase prices for themand and most of them thanked us in andwe’re happy as Larry to you continuewith the service Conor O’Shea CEO ofcentenary landscaping supplies andconnect truckers thanks for joining usfor episode 100 you’re welcome yourfavorite episodemy favorite episode has to be projectmanagement project management sucks andwhy does it suck I’ve done a bit ofcoaching with you Jacob but that was onethat didn’t come up so much becausewe’re well we had other stuff but thatwas the episode that I do a lot ofproject management between the twocompanies one company’s brand new one ofthem is a mature company and learningthatthe changes that are making the maturecompany and the processes and systemsI’m trying to make in the new companyboth have different speeds differentenergy levels and my mindfulness of bothmy own excitement around a project andthen the team’s excitement and thengetting into the crux of planning itsand how low the energy gets when it’snot all working so project managementdoesn’t suck here anymore well stillsucks but I’m really I’m very mindful ofthe the suckiness and and what paths totake action in what have you changed inyour business thanks to blackboardFriday’s the big ones are and the ones Ioften share with the team are the onesaroundgood good meeting structure I personallyuse the the project management side ofit and talk to some of the other guysthat lead those those projects to gowell this is where we’re at this is whyit doesn’t feel good at the moment andis what we need to do do nextI’m with one of my favorite portfolioentrepreneurs Clarissa Ray would founderof happy lawyer happy life and theBrisbane Family Law Center thanks forjoining us what is your favoriteblackboard Friday’s episode I don’t knowthe exact title but it’s the one whereyou talk about saying no what you wantedto do more of in your business what youwanted to do less of in your businesswhat did you like most about thatepisode I think first thing was areminder to say no and I find in lifeparticularly business life at the momentthere’s such a push to say yes toeverything and there’s so much on likein any given week there’s events andthere’s your actual business and there’ssocial media there’s all this stuff andI love that you gave us permission inthat episode to be able to say no and Ithink that’s that was probably mybiggest takeaway was just that reminderthat it’s actually okay to say not andwhat would you say you’ve changed inyour business thanks to 100 episodes ofblackboard right everything Jakubeverything that happens in my businessis a result of your video show on aFriday no I’ll say two things about thatspecifically to the episode that we’retalking about today what I took fromwhat you said and it’s something thatI’ve started to really use is the ideathat by saying no I’m actually sayingyes I’m saying yes to things that reallymatter to me keeping focused on my goalsnot to say that when cool stuff comes upyou can’t still say yes but just usingthat as a decision-making mechanism andsaying to yourself that thing is that inline with what I’m trying to get doneand I found that just a really goodreminder to do thatsecond thing black board Fridays whatyour black board Fridays series reallydid for me was make me think about mymarketing of all things because I thinkit’s it’s great it’s cool it comes in ona Friday morning which is a time thatI’m happy to watch you chat for a fewminutes about something there’s always agreat take away and it just really gotme thinking again like how can i as abusiness owner create something that isso savvy sensible smart cool comes in atthe right time so I’m not sure that wasthe purpose but in a big picture sensethat’s what it made me doyeah[Music]so there you go at the end of the dayblackboard Friday’s is not about theblackboard it’s about you your businessand your team we’re so grateful for allthe love and support we’ve received inthe last 100 episodes and we lookforward to adding as much or more valuein the 100 to come to that note let meleave you with this if there’s anythingin your business that you’d love to seeus discussed a burning question thatyou’d love to have answeredreach out email social media or ablackboard Friday’s comm today you andlet us know I’ll see you for episode 101

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