Gimmick or #Lifehack? Thank you for reading The first year of your first business is a lesson in extreme responsibility.That thing that needs to be done? You’re doing it. Or checking it. Or staying late because you didn’t do it right the first time.For the average business owner, aka “recovering employee”, the shift is life-changing. Most employees are conditioned to trade...
Brand Archetypes for SMEs
The importance of personal branding is an important question for real estate agents, and their principals. In largely franchised industries, like Real Estate, the topic of Brand is often ignored because it’s easy to assume that your ‘brand’ is simply the corporate branding of names, colours, and logos. In reality, brand, branding and marketing are...
Dow Jones Market Graph 2005 to 2013
Understanding how Growth Management Systems apply to your business will save you years of frustration. My expert team at Shirlaws Group asked me to share on camera an overview of the Revenue, Infrastructure, and Culture Systems that allow private enterprises around Australia and the world to plan and manage their growth. You can see or...
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