How Automated are your Operations?

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 let me tell you one of my favorite stories this was a business coaching colleague of mine some time ago and went into a sales meeting was him and one of his business partners went into a small accounting firm they met with the managing director and three of her partners to have a sit-down and just as the meeting was getting going the reception has popped her head in and said look just to let you know our kettles packed it in I’ve got to go across the road to grab those coffees they’ll be about five minutes late no big deal but the managing partner jumped straight out of her chair we only recently bought that kettle she said we’ve still got the receipt I know exactly where it is and off she scurried 15 minutes later she came back in very very happy girl in her face found the receipt still under warranty we’ll get that kettle fixed for free and my colleague with courage that I certainly don’t have launched into the conversation by asking the managing director and each of her three partners their hourly rates and he shared that even though this was a get to know each other meeting and they weren’t charging let’s assume his hourly rate his colleagues hourly rate add all of those up divided by four for the 15 minutes that she was out of the room looking for that receipt and informed her that that kettle had just cost her four hundred and fifty dollars it’s a saying that you’re probably familiar with that you as the business owner are worth five hundred or a thousand or many thousands of dollars per hour to the growth of your business and yet you find yourself doing the $20 an hour tasks today we’re going to talk about how you evolve yourself away from those and how technology has created a situation to make that even easier and more profitable now at first it is some of those simple tasks that you can outsource to a support person or another delivery expert somebody who you can pay on an hourly rate less than you can charge the mouth at or less than your time is worth you delegate internally and if you systemize your processes then you will be able to delegate efficiently set very clear expectations and manage those people without having to crow manage without your time continually getting pulled into those lower value tasks increasingly globalization and again the support of technology has meant that some of those tasks can even be delegated offshore and I’m a big believer that offshoring has a place in almost every Australian business now as your business develops specialist capability becomes essential now at the beginning that was probably things like funding your bank manager your accountant perhaps having a lawyer and as the business grows you find that you have needs to delegate a way to outsource some of the key tasks that you as the business owner have taken responsibility for get the right support around things like strategy marketing people and culture start building your own personal wealth and of course all of those business support functions things like getting your office cleaned which are not the best and most valuable use of your time and increasingly not even the best and most valuable use of your team’s time now as you grow bigger and bigger you may bring some of those functions in-house where you need the strategic capability on a full-time basis but finding part-time support people or outsourcing those to specialist professional services is a great way to get the leverage without all of the expense now ten years ago I would have put IT information technology squarely in that business support it was something you needed to have emails a website but it wasn’t something that was really a strategic value to your business and that’s simply not the case anymore see all of these are still largely driven by people and indeed here we’re able to introduce you to exactly the right person any of those slices who can help your business for the business stage that you’re at but technology has now reached a point where it’s not about people anymore we now have the opportunity through cloud technology and data to delegate to outsource to pass over some of the tasks that are taking your time or your without actually needing another person to do it now cloud technology still sounds to a lot of business owners like a buzzword the easiest way I can think to describe it is that the cloud is somebody else’s computer instead of having everything sitting on your desktop or your server which might go down at any point in time you can outsource the storage of that information to somebody else’s and when you’re talking about companies like Amazon and Google who host a lot of the cloud technology globally you realize that their technology is actually a heck of a lot better than yours and they’ve got backups and the ability if one computer goes down to still have your information running and live and gain getting rid of some of those issues that you may have had in the past the main benefit though is not just getting rid of some of those administrative

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