IN THE MEDIA: Reg Grundy dies aged 92

Source: The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Source: Brisbane Times


I do wonder sometimes why people follow me on Twitter. I am my authentic self on there – which means tweeting an eclectic mix of valuable business content, location and financial independence planning, and downright strange and quirky thoughts that reflect my so-called sense of humour.

This is one of the latter…

Sad news this week that Australian icon Reg Grundy, best known for his iconic contribution to Australian and global television, had passed away.

How iconic? Well down under, his name is synonymous with underwear (=undies = Reg Grundies). So I paid tribute in a uniquely Australian way.

Journalism being what it is today, plenty of media sites now use Twitter tributes as part of their coverage (it’s a lot quicker and easier than asking celebrities for a quote the old fashioned way), so I’m not surprised that a few writers here and overseas got a laugh out of my contribution and included it in their pieces.

I will end by adding that the Telegraph article was republished, including the embedded tweets, over at Luxury Fashion

This means I can forever truthfully claim that an Italian Fashion website once published a photo of my undies. #winning

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