IN THE MEDIA:5 Skills I Recommend for Every New Business Owner

KPI Co-Founder Glen Carlson

I was recently asked to list 5 skills I think are critical for every business owner, and which are often under-appreciated by those starting their entrepreneurial journey. These originally featured on the Australian Online Courses website. There are definitely some specific skills that distinguish successful small business owners from those who work hard but struggle…

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IN THE MEDIA: Tips For Improving Client Loyalty In Real Estate

Source: Stepps Making sense of client loyalty research for use in real estate can be tricky – so let me save you the effort. A fundamental difficulty in transferring key learnings from other industries is confusion about what sales actually means. For a bank, a product sale is fairly obvious – it covers everything from a credit…

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IN THE MEDIA: Relocation Recap

Source: Health Wellness Revolution by Kylie Bevan We moved to London in the middle of the global financial crisis. Our primary context was the opportunities that created to travel, and we certainly made the most of that opportunity (in 2012, for example, we visited 25 different countries). On a business front, I took my business…

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IN THE MEDIA: 3 Ways to get Educated and Business Savvy

Source: Short Press by Lakshmi Singh Going to back to school doesn’t quite mean what it meant a few years ago. “You need personalised guidance, not general skills, to ensure your business grows,” says international business coach Jacob Aldridge. “I see university degrees and MBAs as ideal for…” Read the whole article here.

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IN THE MEDIA: Top 5 takeaways from ALPPPS 2016

Which is more of a tool: A consultant or a coach?

Source: Elite Agent Magazine by Jo-Anne Oliveri ALPPPS presenter and #REALREACH Co-Founder Jacob Aldridge said that disruption is set to change our industry, and principals and property managers must understand what they can do about it. Fortunately, principals have the opportunity to respond by… Read the whole article here. I really enjoyed the opportunity to…

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IN THE MEDIA: Reg Grundy dies aged 92

Source: The Daily Telegraph (UK) Source: Brisbane Times Source: I do wonder sometimes why people follow me on Twitter. I am my authentic self on there – which means tweeting an eclectic mix of valuable business content, location and financial independence planning, and downright strange and quirky thoughts that reflect my so-called sense of humour. This…

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IN THE MEDIA: The Toll of Infertility on Aspiring Fathers

Shirlaws Coach Coloured Pens

Source: Courier-Mail by Rose Brennan While most of the other notes from my ‘In The Media‘ section are related to my business acumen, contributing to this story was an important opportunity for me. New research has revealed how reluctant most men are in sharing their experiences, and seeking support, when experiencing infertility (either themselves, their…

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IN THE MEDIA: Do you Know Your Number?

Source: Business Acumen Magazine If you own a private enterprise in Australia then you have “a number”. This is your end game, your commercial vision, the sale figure you believe will see you happily sail into the sunset. What you may not know is your Numbers – plural. These are the periods of No Man’s…

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IN THE MEDIA: Are you Really an Entrepreneur?

Source: Smart Company by Nina Hendy The term entrepreneur has become a buzzword in recent years, but is it being grossly over-used? How do you know when you’re an entrepreneur? And should you stop calling yourself one? International business coach Jacob Aldridge offers great description… Read the whole article here

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