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Let me find you some more time this week

Remember how Uber called themselves a tech company (not a car company) and WeWork called themselves a tech company (not an office rental) so they could raise money at huge valuations that turned out to be nonsense?

Now you can do that with AI ! Just call yourself an AI company, and watch your business valuation double immediately. This also means many “AI” companies are really just … “AI adjacent”, using a tiny amount but not making it integral to their value proposition.

This week’s AI Tool has done exactly that – using a tiny amount of AI – but I’m grateful because it’s an awesome timesaver and that tiny change means I can share it with you in this week’s email.

  1. Your AI Tool of the Week makes recording and training processes twice as fast
  2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #2 focuses you on your Top 3 strategic priorities

1. Scribe – Your AI Tool of the Week

Free Version Browser Plug-in | Pro Version for Desktop and Team Sharing

The Pitch: “Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly.”

If you’ve ever tried to create a Process document, especially with screenshots, you know it can be a time suck. With all the screenshots and document formatting, a 5 minute training document might take you an hour to produce.

Not any more.

I fell in love with Scribe at first sight, and the Pro version (which allows you to instantly capture processes across multiple pieces of software on your desktop) is incredible. One of my clients has estimated it’s cut in half the time required to create each training document, all while producing something easier for his team to learn and follow.

As flagged, the AI is limited to … recommending a title for your document (seriously, that’s it). So Skynet isn’t tracking your Expenses Policy just yet.

How to Give a Try

  1. Click this link to visit the website and add the Chrome or Edge plugin
  2. The free sign-up process will end with a ‘Record your first Scribe’ button; you can also set the Plugin up as a permanent shortcut on your browser of choice
  3. Record a multi-step process (using software that works in your Browser, not a desktop app – those are in the paid version)
  4. If you’re not sure what to record, try “How to do a Google Search for our Company Name”
  5. Once you click the button to end the recording, you can share as a PDF document or a simple website URL.

In fact … here’s a link to a Scribe explaining exactly how to do a Google search for me!

2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #2

Last week we walked through the Business Lifecycle that every small business owner experiences. But how do you apply that information?

This week I will walk through the Top 3 priorities for a business in each of the 4 phasesStart-up, Scale-up, Step-up, and Sell-up. When you know what the top priorities are for your business, you can save time by setting aside all the great ideas … that just aren’t important yet.

Let me know – where are you on this emotional rollercoaster?

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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