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The longer we’re in business, the more stuffed we get

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Today’s short video is about helping you to get unstuffed, so you can work less in the business and work more on the business.

This is a tool that we call Context. What is the Context that sits around all the decisions that are made within your business?

If you’re clear on why you’re doing certain things, and if your team are clear about why you’re doing certain things, then a whole lot of the issues that show up in the ‘stuff’ will go away..

  1. Your AI Tool of the Week is a sneak peak and a chance for you to get on the waitlist for a solution I’m massively excited about
  2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #3 dives into Context, the bridge from Vision to Expectations, and why I’m smarter than Toyota

1. FallbackAI – Your AI Tool of the Week

This Brisbane Start-up gave me permission to invite you onto their Waitlist (before it closes)

The Pitch: “Save time and close more deals with your own AI-powered sales clone.”

Think of the tasks in your business that require someone to make repetitive phone calls: Following-up sales enquiries? Confirming arrival times? Chasing debtors?

You don’t do these by text message, because a phone call is far more powerful. But making personalised phone calls is an expensive use of resources. Until now.

FallbackAI uses AI to clone your sales person (or accounts person, or even your) voice. Instead of one person making dozens or hundreds of outbound phone calls, these are delivered as voice mails personalised to to the recipient.

Just as I can say “Hi << Test First Name >>” in my emails, they can have my voice speak your name, as well as other relevant details I may desire (the specific product you enquired about, or exactly how much money you owe me on an overdue account). And when your prospect calls back, they’re speaking to the person who left the message – not some robot.

You can read FallbackAI’s case study on how they achieved the same sales results in 60% less time. How much more efficient will this make your team?

How to Give a Try

  1. Click this link to visit the FallbackAI website
  2. Watch the demo video that explains exactly how this AI technology works
  3. Join the waitlist!

As founder Cameron says in the video, this won’t be a competitive advantage forever. Don’t sleep on this invitation.

Blackboard Fridays Episode #3

17 years ago I launched my first coaching business (April Fool’s Day, 2006).

Since then I’ve trained and worked around the world, and my arsenal of business training, mentoring, and coaching tools has grown enormously.

Every single one of them comes back to today’s video topic: Context. And so in your role as a business leader, manager, or one of my esteemed competitors, know that you don’t even need the arsenal if you can just master this distinction.

Watch this week’s video here.

With love,

Jacob Aldridge
International Business Advisor

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