3 Lifehacks for Brisbane Real Estate Agents

The more time I spend working with top performing agencies – and the real estate agents who work within them – the more I recognise how much expectations have changed since I started in this industry back in May 2000.

In particular, today’s best real estate agents have a commitment to, and awareness of, their own personal energy in a way that used to be incredibly rare. Maybe it’s still rare, and only common with the people I’m coaching?

So if you’re looking to improve your results as an agent, I’d encourage you to look inward not outward as your own excitement and motivation are far more important than any specific marketing campaign or headshot.

And here are the 3 best lifehacks I’ve come across to help Brisbane real estate agents to manage their mojo.

1. Eat Better, Cook Less (Wholesomeness)

Real Estate Agents compete with Truckies for the worst diets – especially in the early years when we’ll take any evening appointment we can, and grab dinner from the petrol station on the way. Long hours, a desire for quick energy bursts, and in many cases a lack of cooking practice, all combine to reduce the quality of the food we consume.

But the food we consume has a significant impact on how we feel, indeed how we show up inside and out every day. And for those gym junkies who still grab the wrong carbs, remember that you can never outrun a bad diet.

So what’s the solution? I’m certainly not suggesting that you turn down the appraisals and turn on the oven – not when there’s a much smarter solution.

Meet Wholesomeness, a local meal delivery service (and YouFoodz / Hello Fresh alternative / competitor). I recommend Wholesomeness not only because they’re tastier and actually have no preservatives etc, but because as a local business you can actually drop by and say hi to Ben and the team.

They’ve got way too many food options, but what I recommend for real estate agents is either the 10 Main Meal Deal or the 30 Day Plan. Either will get you all your main meals (plus snacks in the 30 Day Plan), delivered fresh to your office (or home). Never stress about where to grab lunch or dinner again, and definitely stop living on doughnuts and coffee.

Ben from Wholesomeness
4/8 Days Road, Grange

2. Put Down the Phone and Float (City Cave)

I’m not so old that I pre-date mobile phones for real estate agents, but I was certainly around long before smartphones and internet access meant we were always on, all the time. Trying to get an agent to put down their phone is like trying to get a politician to hand back their travel pass.

So let me let you in on a little secret – it’s OK to turn off. Hey, I say it’s OK to have a day off, but actually switching our minds off is where the real benefit is. You can achieve that through a two week vacation, or a long day spent at the beach, or in a single hour stimulation free doing a float at City Cave.

Before I tried this, I was skeptical (and actually a little scared). I needn’t have been – they’re big tanks, you control the lights, and City Cave also offer open pools if you prefer. Oh, and you really float – even a big rig like myself.

After 1 hour in a float tank I was hooked. The world was waiting for me when I emerged, and I was so much more ready to take it on. These guys offer regular slots, and even an unlimited weekday float package to help you focus the mind anytime you need it.

Tim & Jeremy from City Cave
29b/25 James Street, Fortitude Valley
(07) 3252 5674

3. Look the Part, Feel the Part (Wil Valor)

OK, so real estate agents have a perception for being all hat and no cattle, a lack of integrity dressed in a nice suit. You and I both know that’s unfair, but I will say that you won’t get far thinking the nice suit will give you integrity down the track.

What a nice suit does give you is confidence, over and above the external projection of grooming and success. I’m speaking from experience here – I definitely remember stepping into my first tailor-made suit, with fabrics and a shirt selected by my personal stylist. And the feeling that jacket gives you when you throw it on and walk into a listing opportunity or sales meeting is incredible.

The clothes don’t maketh the man – they’re not a substitute for training and experience. But they help.

Mark Ferguson from Wil Valor
7/41 Park Road, Milton
1300 309 272

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