A Formula for More Revenue in Business

A Formula for More Revenue in Business. In Blackboard Fridays Episode 23, Jacob talks about Marketing, Sales andCustomer Journey. Need this implemented into your business? Talk to the international business advisor who can do exactly that – Contact JacobLearn More, or Subscribe for Updates.

Drawing on the broad application of the Sales Hourglass (see #BlackboardFridays videos 10-12), this case study comes from the state manager of a national business that was struggling to achieve its revenue targets.

The national business implemented a new set of KPI targets, and as one of the few managers actually achieving his lofty revenue goals my client was frustrated. This straightforward formula explained to him why the national business did what it did, and why it was frustrating him.

More importantly, we helped him to support the national initiative without needing to change what was working for him and his team, and created an opportunity for his revenue success to be applied more broadly.

If your revenue goals are out of reach, this formula will help.

Who is Jacob Aldridge, Business Coach?

“The smart and quirky advisor who gets sh!t done in business.” Back independent since 2019.

Since April 2006, I’ve been an international business advisor providing bespoke solutions for privately-owned businesses with 12-96 employees.

At this stage you have proven your business model, but you’re struggling to turn aspirations into day-to-day reality. You are still responsible for all 28 areas of your business, but you don’t have the time or budget to hire 28 different experts.

You need 1 person you can trust who can show you how everything in your business is connected, and which areas to prioritise first.

That’s me.

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