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The main reason why many marketing campaigns fail is because of the marketing offer. And in small businesses, these offers are usually lazy or poorly thought out.

In small businesses, there’s no real compelling reason, in their marketing offer, why consumers should choose their offer over that of their competitors.

So, consumers usually default to price as the deciding factor, over the value within that offer itself. Think about an accountant who’s selling individual tax returns at $99.00.

There’s another accountant, just around the corner, who is selling what appears to be the same service for about $110.00 per tax return. Who do you think consumers are gonna choose, based on the information that they have on hand, at that time?

It’s how you craft your marketing offer that will have the biggest impact and take up, and these are seven simple questions that you should be asking, at the very least, when crafting your marketing offer. The first one being, what are they really buying?

So, if you’re a financial planner, are you really selling that personal finance goal setting or are you selling peace of mind for the future? What’s the biggest benefit that a client would get out of this service, and really hero that in your messaging. What are the emotions that come with the service that you’re providing?

So, use those phrases, those emotive words in your messaging as well, to really connect with the consumer. What are the objections? So, why would somebody not take up this offer? What outrageous claim can you actually make, and really try and push that as much as possible.

Finally, look at your competitors too. Have a look at who is selling something similar. Who has tried to sell something similar, and have they failed? How can you do it better and learn from those mistakes? Your offer is one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign. So, try not to make it too crappy, like a limited time only, 15% off, financial health check.

Take the time to ask these questions and inject some energy into creating an offer that is exciting and is different from the boring and non-valuable offers that your competitors are currently doing.

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