How to Find Ideas for Inbound Marketing Content Creation

Last month I wrote about how to create time each month for consistent content creation. Once people realise that half a day each month is only 2.5% of their time, their next objection is “But I don’t Know Where to Start”.

So here is how to start:

  1. Head to
  2. Type in some key words for your industry – eg, business coaching – and click ‘Get Questions’
    • These are questions people are typing into Google related to your keywords
    • Each of these Questions is now a dedicated ‘content piece’. Surely you can answer most of these, if you were asked
  3. Set up your smartphone video camera (at eye level, with good lighting) and just answer the question in a natural way
  4. Send that video to and ask for Subtitles and a Transcript for $US1/minute
  5. Upload the video (with subtitles) to your Vimeo and/or YouTube Accounts
  6. Create a blog post on your website
  7. Use the specific question as your Title and in the URL
  8. Embed the video at the top
  9. Copy the transcript below (and tidy it up so it’s easy to read)
  10. Send a link to that blog post to your email database
  11. Upload the video to your Social Media channels as well (especially Facebook and LinkedIn)
  12. Do 5 of these in the ½ Day you put aside each month, and you will have created a weekly marketing machine!

At a certain size, or depending on your time priorities, parts or all of this task can be outsourced.

If you’re too busy to create a blog post each month – that’s great! – and there are experts out there who will create it for you, and bring additional expertise and marketing strategy to boot.

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