How to Empower Your Team Part 1

How to Empower Your Team Part 1. In Blackboard Fridays Episode 21, Jacob talks about Leadership, Productivity, Culture, and Learning Development. Need this implemented into your business? Talk to the international business advisor who can do exactly that – Contact Jacob, Learn More, or Subscribe for Updates.

As an entrepreneurial business owner, you know that to grow your business you need to grow your team. Only when they are empowered to step up and take over will you be free to step up and take your business (and your life) to where you want it to be. So how do you do that?

In part one of this topic, we walk through a simple framework that maps the employee journey – from hopeful new team members to empowered individuals.

I recommend Dan Pink’s RSA Animate talk Drive (—drive) as an excellent overview of what really drives individuals – Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

But how do you take that concept, and turn it to practical steps in your business? Doing so requires an understanding of the conflicting, competing desires that motivate or dishearten us as human beings.

Once you understand those 6 conflicting desires, you will be perfectly placed to watch part two where we discuss the specific strategies you can execute to deliver these to every one of your team members.

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Every great business leader knows that they need to empower their employees. For them, is the entrepreneur is the CEO to let go to grow and need to let go into a team of engaged, empowered awesome individuals. How do you do that?

This episode and next we’re going to go through a general framework and process for taking your employees on that journey, and then get into some specific steps that will help you review your business and see where you might be creating some gaps that are getting in the way of creating those empowered awesome employees that you want to come and work with.

Let’s have a look at this as an overview this week. On the left here, we’ve got the hopeful employee. Someone who’s just started with your business, has just taken a job. They’ve decided and a commitment to come and work for your business, and you’ve made a decision in the commitment to bring them in. But both of you are in a space of hoping that this is going to work out, believing that it will but knowing that it needs to be on the journey.

Where you want to take them to is this empowered stake at the other end of that journey, where they’re feeling not just confident about the success of your business but empowered to make your business better because you’ve made them better.

Key elements of engaging your employees and not about money and time; it’s about autonomy, mastery, and purpose. If you haven’t watched it, I would encourage to take the time to research and watch Dan pink and his RSA Animate video where he goes through the specific details and research that sits behind the importance of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, and the impact that has an engaging and empowering employee.

What we’ve done is broken that down by going through some of the key desires that we as humans as individuals have. What that research tells us is that at each step of the process, we are all being pulled in two directions.

We have these competing desires; therefore, it’s so frustrating sometimes working with team, working with clients, having children, being in relationship, because people are unpredictable, they want these mutually exclusive elements in their life.

Things like a desire to belong and be part of something while also seeking individuality, wanting to be independent, alone, and unique. Wanting stability security in their life while also wanting to take risks and try new things.

Battling the need to be here in this present moment to be focused and mindful and knowing that what you’re doing right now is meaningful while also is desired to be creating something better for your future.

Each of your team members is being pulled on those three axes and that’s having an impact on your ability to create the autonomy, mastery, purpose for them within your business.

Next week, we’re going to go through in that episode across each of those six elements the specific things that you can be doing to make sure that you’re giving your team members those otherwise mutually exclusive needs.

When you’re giving your team members those needs, in a context of these key elements, you’ll be building a business that attracts the best people, empowers the best people, and makes you a business that people not only want to work, for they want to work with as clients and customers. I’ll see you next week.

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