How to Leverage Your Brand Archetype

How to Leverage Your Brand Archetype. In Blackboard Fridays Episode 73, Jacob talks about Brand Promise. Need this implemented into your business? Talk to the international business advisor who can do exactly that – Contact Jacob, Learn More, or Subscribe for Updates.

Last week, I introduced you to the concept of Brand Archetypes, and encouraged you to do the free online Brand Archetype Indicator to learn what yours may be. There’s still time to catch up!

I promised that this tool would be practical, and so in this week’s follow-up episode I’m talking about how you can leverage your Brand Archetype knowledge in a number of ways across your business to increase sales and profitability.

This is a strategic project my clients and I have a lot of fun with, especially when that fun turns into focus and results. We find it so valuable, that we even asked Brandonian to come into businessDEPOT last month to take us through phase two of the Brand Archetype process – expect to see the results of that soon, and as always let me know if this is something my team or my collective network may be able to help your business conquer.

Watch this week’s episode here.

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In last week’s episode of Blackboard Fridays, we talked about understanding your Brand Archetype. How to take the brand of your business and match it up with some of the neuroscience that connects much more intuitively and instinctively in your customer’s mind. How by tapping into a specific point on this matrix between stability and risk and belonging and independence.

You can create a character with cut through that makes your brand more memorable and the meaning behind your brand much more powerful to your potential clients. I recommended that you went to and undertook the indicator to see which of these twelve fits best for your business.

This week,  I’m going to talk about how you can take that information and really leverage that for your business and your marketing communications. Once, you’re clear about the character of your brand that I’m going to use as an example, the Sage. So the Sage is the Yoda character in Star Wars. It’s that all-knowing, all-wise character that we immediately familiarize ourself and in the modern world, the great example of a Sage brand is Google. When you have a question, you know exactly who to go to to get an answer and that’s the wisest sage of them all,

So if you were a sage brand, it would be important for you to make sure that all of your marketing communicated, that that’s exactly what you’re known for, that’s what you’re famous for. So making sure that you communicate your wisdom your ability to find answers or solutions for your clients is front and center on the website.

There’s no value in you bouncing around with some of these different messages. Yes it might be cool to every now and then be a rebel and get a photo of your CEO and his Harley. But if that’s not the archetype that you’re standing for, communicating that message just confuses things in the market, it fails to connect and resonate with your clients.

Now, once you’ve built your primary archetype, you do have the opportunity to leverage some of those points on the compass that are adjacent to. So Google for example did a very, very good job of shifting some of their focus into more of a creator space actually establishing themselves as a research company not just for the benefit of having answers but also the ability to go forth and create.

The risk that they actually had seeing is how they’ve got a little bit more spare cash than you or I is that some of the things they created, some of their moonshot projects actually started to take off and eventually Google found they needed to rebrand their entire company in order to prevent the confusion that was being created and so they established  Alphabet as their overarching brand. Alphabet is a creator and it allowed the Google brand to continue to be that sage without blurring it.

On a campaign basis so a short term focused marketing campaign you do have the ability to cross the matrix to actually play with something directly opposite your primary brand archetype. You do this because it creates dissonance in your clients where they know you as the Sage suddenly seeing you as the Jester pulls them out of that add blindness and allows them to reinforce their relationship with your business all over again.

You need to be careful how much you use this you don’t want to change your business to the Jester but for Google who famously have every April Fool’s Day, a prank that they play somewhere in their ecosystem,  having the occasional opportunity to play the Jester reminds the world how all-knowing and all-powerful they actually are as a Sage brand.

So which of these twelve archetypes do you want to stand for. Do you have the ability to stand out as something different in the marketplace? If you’re for example a charity deciding you’re a caregiver when everyone else is a caregiver doesn’t help you stand out.

Once you’ve chosen which of these 12 is most powerful for you then you have a chance to leverage that to go deep on that message, to communicate that this is who we are this is what we stand for in a way that cuts through all of the advertising noise and creates a relationship with your client.

With that guidance for you and your entire team about how to communicate your brand and your message you then have the opportunity to have a bit of fun on either side and every now and then by going opposite your brand, your branding your marketing needs to be fun.

It needs to create energy in the world. In my experience, brand archetypes and the incredible work from the team at Branonian allows smaller medium businesses to do exactly that in a way that’s much faster and much more powerful than any other brand tool I’ve seen or used.

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