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Your Primary Business is Not Your Real Business


Happy Friday

Welcome to the final article in the Como rebrand series.

I’ve never had so many positive replies – and so many unsubscribers – as this past 6 weeks.

Both are signs of a strong Brand Promise.

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What’s At The End?

I’m in Sales mode right now, meeting lots of new (to me) business owners.

One of my first questions is “Are you looking to built a Fix, a System, or an Asset?”

  1. A FIX is a Concept you then Implement quickly.
  2. A SYSTEM takes a Concept, designs a sustainable Strategy, then Implements smoothly.
  3. An ASSET takes a SYSTEM then commercialises it through Mentoring and Leverage.

It’s OK to engage a business coach, or a specialist service provider, just for a fix – new website, financial forecasting, maybe just to deal with the gnawing uncertainty keeping you awake at night.

At the other extreme, the Como system invites you to consider this question: What if every great idea you had could be commercialised into a group of cash flowing companies you own?

Not Your Real Business

No asset class has more potential to grow your wealth than private enterprise, through owning your own business.

And yet, for an awful lot of small and medium-sized business owners, the business is either a drain on their finances or little more than a job-without-a-boss.

If you still have wealth aspirations for your business … the first transition is mindset.

Your primary business is NOT your real business. 

Your real business sits to the side. I call mine the “Aldridge Family Foundation” *. And through our Foundation, my family invests in my primary business – Como business and performance coaching.

* It’s not really a Foundation – that’s a type of structure that doesn’t exist in Australia. Plus all my secret tax manoeuvres are named after my favourite movie.

My family also invests in a range of other assets, like real estate, equities, and of course other small businesses.

Once you recognise what your real business truly is, you can begin making more business decisions as an investor not an owner.

Sounds small – but generates big changes.

The Portfolio Entrepreneur

When my business owner clients start working with me, they’re normally focused on a Fix or System in their primary business.

By applying whichever elements of the Como methodology they require, we can build the Rhythms, Systems, and Strategies to improve that business. More Profit. More Revenue. Easier Growth. Higher Valuation.

And the invitation becomes: Having succeeded with all your eggs in one basket, would you like to leverage your experience into bigger eggs and multiple baskets?

I’m not alone in this philosophy: almost all of the world’s wealthiest people and greatest philanthropists view business through a  Portfolio lens.

Most of us don’t want to become Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, or a member of the Atlassian Mafia. But is your vision of one, great, business success genuine … or are you lacking the courage to aim higher?

What would change if your business vision was no longer “Sell One Day”, but instead became “hold, rinse, and repeat for compounding benefits“?

2. Blackboard Fridays Episode #28 –  How to Run More Efficient Meetings

Did you know that the Sydney Morning Herald once declared me a “gold medal contender” should meetings ever become an Olympic event?! Check out my terrible tie as well here.

And it’s true – I’ve attended thousands of meetings.

I know why some people view all meetings as a complete waste of time … and how you can be the exception.

This week’s video is designed for anybody who has ever sat through an awful, boring, and unproductive meeting.

I call it the Momentum Meeting Model – and I guarantee that if you use this approach then the value of your meetings will increase enormously.

Watch this week’s video or read the summary article here.

See you next Friday,

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