IN THE MEDIA: Can your body clock make you less productive at work?

Source: In The Black magazine

by Thea O’Connor

People have different chronotypes. Designing a work day that suits the body clocks of both early birds and night owls is a smart way to boost workplace performance…

Jacob Aldridge, director of financial advisory at businessDEPOT, is a “proud night owl” who knows the feeling. Several years ago, he committed a whole year to waking up at 6am, morning running, and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

“The relief I felt when I reached the one-year anniversary was palpable,” he says.

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  1. […] (While I used to be a Partner in an Accounting Business, most readers know that I’m not actually an accountant. Which is why it’s pretty awesome that this is the second time I’ve been featured in CPA Australia’s showpiece magazine! Here’s my previous appearance, in case you missed it – ‘Can your Body Clock makes you less productive at work?‘.) […]

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