Where to Start with Vision, Strategy, Structure, and Systems

The Layers of Context business framework demonstrates the relationship between Vision, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Processes and People

Whether you’re a startup or reviewing your decades-old organisation, examining the combination of Vision, Strategy, Structures, Systems (not to mention People & Processes) need not be overwhelming. At the beginning of 2016, I ran my own business through this annual strategy day agenda. What became clear … was how confused I was, and the negative impact…

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8 Key Questions to Ask When Forming a Business Partnership

Great Partnerships and Joint Ventures help business owners achieve their dreams faster. Yet most do not succeed, having failed to answer to these key questions. Maybe you are forming a partnership for a new startup? Perhaps you are bringing in an equity partner to your business for the first time? Or you have identified that a significant…

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Introducing Growth Management Systems

Dow Jones Market Graph 2005 to 2013

Understanding how Growth Management Systems apply to your business will save you years of frustration. My expert team at Shirlaws Group asked me to share on camera an overview of the Revenue, Infrastructure, and Culture Systems that allow private enterprises around Australia and the world to plan and manage their growth. You can see or…

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Maker’s Schedule v Manager’s Schedule

Paul Graham continues to be one of my favourite business writers – I estimate that I’ve been reading his essays for a decade now. In many ways, even without having met him, pg (and Hacker News, which he built and originally named Startup News) is a key influence in my enthusiasm for tech startups, capital…

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