Introducing Growth Management Systems

Dow Jones Market Graph 2005 to 2013

Understanding how Growth Management Systems apply to your business will save you years of frustration. My expert team at Shirlaws Group asked me to share on camera an overview of the Revenue, Infrastructure, and Culture Systems that allow private enterprises around Australia and the world to plan and manage their growth. You can see or…

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Our Business Connects People. How Do We Make Money?

The world is full of inefficient industries, ripe with opportunity for those who connect Problem A with Solution B. But how do you make money from that? This depends on whether you view yourself as a Marketplace or an Advisory business. Monetizing a Marketplace As a ‘marketplace’, you essentially connect a purchaser and a supplier.…

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Help me Find a Technical Co-Founder to Build My App Idea

Simultaneously the most common, most naive, and most ridiculed question that you’ll see in any tech forum: “I have an idea for an App. How do I find a technical co-founder to build it?” Genuinely, this is a bit like saying “I want to start an Accounting practice, but I’m not an accountant and I…

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The Trillion-Dollar Ripple Effect of Autonomous Cars

B105 Black Thunders

The prospect of self-driving, likely electric, vehicles for personal use excites me enormously. (I’m a terrible driver). What excites me even more is the trillion-dollar ripple effect these will create for other businesses. Who’s Going to Invent the Autonomous Car? The primary business model for Autonomous Vehicles will combine: Hardware Platform (Software) Legislation, and Culture.…

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