Are you Living Your Ideal Week?

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OK, sure, your ideal week probably involves breakfast every morning at Hotel La Darsena, overlooking Lake Como in northern Italy. [LINK TO]

In an operational, not visionary, context – your Ideal Week maps out the key tasks you want to achieve each week, and/or the category of time [LINK TO] you want to invest each week. While you may rarely achieve an ‘ideal’ week, I guarantee you that documenting your desires will see you move closer to this goal.

Having Ideal Weeks for your team members is also a practical part of your RNR (Rest and Recuperation) strategy [LINK TO]. As a business leader, you can stop wondering whether Tim has checked the mail and Tina has made those calls when you know these tasks are always done on a Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon respectively.

In this week’s episode, I will walk you through how to draft your Ideal Week and excite your team to create theirs. We’ll also talk about leveraging this to find more time in your schedule, for those really valuable activites like exercise, date night, and family time.

OK, and holidays to Italy.

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– At its heart, one of the most important,most valuable and mostcommon conversationsI have with my clients,whether that’s workingwith their entire businessin a 20, 40, 80-personorganization or whetherthat’s working one-on-onewith the founder, is about howthey’re investing their time.Their time, which is so valuable.Where is it going in the businessand what return on investmentare they achieving?You’ve heard me talk about it before.Today, I’m going to gothrough a simple exerciseI’ve used with a lot ofbusiness owners over the yearsto help them understandwhere their time is goingand, more importantly, wherethey want to be putting itso that they can investmuch more effectivelymoving forward.Now, this fits into ouroverall R&R project.Roles and responsibilities to createrest and recuperation.You can do this as partof position descriptionsand it often falls outof position descriptionswhen it comes to your team.So, from your receptionist,your professional staff,your salespeople, based ontheir position description,what tasks do they need to be doing,how do they need to bespending their week?For you as the business owner,you tend to have a bitmore flexibility and choicearound that, and so youcan look at the entire weekas a blank canvas, and then,of course, add some color.So, I’m using the samesystem we talked aboutback in episode 42, about how I color-codemy time, my diary.We’re going to apply thatto look at this ideal week.All I’ve done here, and I have a templatethat I can send you if you’d like it,is broken up the week,the Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,assuming you’re working all of those days,and then the weekend, ifyou want to include it,and then separated the days.As we saw, 10 episodes ago,some people like to havefewer chunks in their day.Morning, afternoon.Some people like a few more.This is a compromise forthe purposes of appealingto the most number of viewers.Now, filling out your ideal weekcomes from one, understandingwhat percentage of your timeyou want to be spendingin those different areas,and also, critically,understanding your own energy.So, some people I know,for example, make surethat early on two morningsa week, they go to the gym,they do some personal training.Others are much more likelyto do that of an evening.There’s no right or wrong.This is your ideal week.And we start to fill it out.How much time each week do you needto be spending on wealth?And that’s often a small portion of time.It may not even show up in your ideal weekif you’re in the startupstage of business.How much of your time do you needto be spending on growth?Now if that’s 40% of your time,that’s two days every week thatyou need to be spending it.Are you somebody wholikes to do big chunks,a whole day at a time?Or are you somebody wholikes to break that up?Maybe one morning and one afternoon a weekworking on culture ormarketing strategies.How much time do youstill need to be doingdelivering revenue, working with clients?That’s a pretty important one to make surethat that time goes in.And what’s the best time ofday for you to be doing that?What’s the best time of dayfor you to be doing sales?Now, I personally liketo get all of my salesinto one day each week.I’d rather do four or fivesales meetings in one day,be very focused on that, thanhave one meeting on each day.I get the same amount ofsales meetings each week,but I find that my conversionrates are much higherwhen I’ve got that dedicated day,than if it’s sprinkled in amongstall of these other colors.And of course, there’syour administrative time.Going over invoices, debtors,going through the books,maybe you’ve still gotsome responsibilitiesfor managing the premises orthe HR of your organization.Putting aside some specifictime to do that each weekhelps you to get thosetasks done even thoughthey may be less energizing for you,and also ensures that they don’t bleedinto some of the other, more important,more valuable aspects of yourrole as a business owner.You can see, I’ve left a few gaps here.Again, that’s a personal preference.Some people don’t wantto be too regimented.They want to haveflexibility in their week.Others like to have this structure.They find that structure supports themto do what needs to be doneand to get that balance right.What’s your ideal week look like?And are you living your ideal week?So, two key elementsfor the final last bitof application for this.One, is that you willnever live your ideal weekweek to week, every week, perfectly.Documenting this is not about specificallystructuring your diarysuch that it can neverlook like anything other than this.However, by having this documented,by having this shared with your team,especially if you have aPA, can help make your weeklook more ideal every week.Even if you’re only doing80% of this every week,that’s a heck of a lotbetter than the reality I seefor most business owners,which is getting pulledfrom pillar to post andconstantly being reactive,responsive with your time,which means that you’ll end updoing more red and nowhere near as muchgreen and black as you require.And one last thing.For me, an ideal weekdoesn’t work because I runmy business much more ona month-to-month basis.Most of my clients arescheduled such that I see themonce or twice every month.And so, rather than having aweek, I have an ideal month.And again, I’m happyto share that templateif in your world, running month to monthmakes a little bit more sense.And that’s great if you’ve got things likeevery other week you’ve got the kids,or once a month you liketo have a date nightor go away for a three-dayweekend with your spouse.However you see your time, putting a planfor investing it ideally will help yousleep better at night, get home early,and do what your business needs you to doto get the results that you want.

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