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Good day, black borders.For every business of 20, 50or 100 staff that I walk intoand talk about vision,strategy, culture, growth plans,I get three times as manyquestions from businesseswho say, I need more clientsand I need them fast,what do I need to do?Now, they’re all lookingfor a magic bulletand of course, there are no magic bullets.However, I often point them inthe direction of this processbecause I found from myexperience in my businessesand from applying this inmore than 20 businesses aroundthe world, that this createssustainable lead generationand clients for your business.Now, this is most valuableif you’re a startup,if you’ve got a new productthat you’re releasing to marketor if you’re taking yourcurrent product or serviceinto new territories.However, any business thatneeds a bit of a marketing pushwithout a spend onadvertising will find benefitfrom implementing this researchlead marketing approach.Now, it’s critical at thisstage that I point outfor this to be successful,for you to genuinelyget results from this,you do authentically needto focus on the research,not just the marketing.However, clients droppingout is undoubtedly oneof the side effects andI’ve not yet had somebodywho’s gone through this processand not found themselves almost fullwith clients as a result.So where does it start?Well, it starts up herewith your business,your product or your servicewhich you think is a solution.It’s actually going tohelp some people out therein the marketplace.Now, there’s too many businessesthat are created in a basementthat are actually a solutionin search of a problem.They don’t know who they’re working for,what problem they’re really solving.They’ve just built somethingthat they think’s pretty niftyand they’re wonderingwhy nobody will buy it.This definitely applies to them.But even if you’ve got existing customers,if you’ve proved theconcept that you’ve got,this is a way to magnifythe reach that you’ve got.And what you want to do is go outand learn more about those target clients,Those ideal customers thatyou want to work with,you want to put your solution into.Because they will invariablybe experiencing some sortof pain that you can solveor facing some kind of changein their industry.One of the joys of being ina fast-moving technology environment,is that there is always change going on.So the first thing youneed to do is work outwho you want to go anddo this research on?Who are those ideal clients?The second thing is towork out what the focusof your research is going to be.And that may be as simple as saying thatfor professional services that havea lot of experienced staff,technology is facing some change.Put the word change into any businessand you will find business ownerswho are aware of it andthey’re a little bit concerned.Your focus is understandingthose businesses,understanding the nuancesof your target market.That’s what you’re researching.Your next task is to goout and talk in personto at least ten of those target clients.You are not allowed to sellin those conversations.Now, you will get those meetingsby picking up the phone,not by sending an email,by picking up the phone,introducing yourselfand introducing theresearch that you’re doing.Hi, I’m Jacob Aldridgefrom Business Depot.I work with a lot ofprofessional services businessesand I’m doing some research intowhat impact technologychange is going to haveon this sector and I reallyappreciate your help.Help is the magic word here.And again, you have toauthentically be seekingto understand what’s going on for them,not using it as anopportunity to go and sell.Great business owners and they’re the onesyou want to work with willmake themselves availablefor you to come out and for themto share their experience,for them to help youwith your business, with your research.So talk to at least 10.Now, some of those in those meetings,they might actually engage.They might say, hey howcould you work with me?What do you do?Tell me more about your services?The best case scenario I would advise youto park that conversationfor a separate meeting.Look, I’m out here todaydoing this research.Why don’t we catch up next weekand have that conversation.Now, research talking to ten will giveyou some useful informationand for some peopleI’ve done this with, that’sas far as they’ve gone.They’ve got useful data from ten peopleto be able to go out toother ideal customersand share those stories,share those experiences.Hey, I was talking to someonein a similar business threesuburbs away last monthand they were sayingthat this was going on.Are you experiencing the same thing?Bang, your expertise iscoming through now justas a result of having those conversations.If you’re going to pursuethe full research project,you really want morequantitative data as well.Find a way to actuallyask a few survey questionsof at least 100 people within that sector,that industry or that target market.Now, from a scientific perspective,only talking to 100 peoplethrough an online surveyis not going to give youdata that’s going to end upin a peer-reviewed journalbut that’s not what we’re looking for.We’re looking to promote your business,to get your solution in frontof more of your ideal clientsand getting this muchdata is going to helpyou do that enormouslybecause you’re now goingto be able to use that information.The qualitative from your ten interviews,the quantitative from your100 plus survey resultsto start putting togethersome documentation.What are the findings,what are you hearing?What are the most commonconcerns, pain points,what change is actuallygoing on in that industry?Can you put togethera bit of a white paperthat might be eight toten pages nicely laid outwith some graphic design thatcommunicates those findings?Stick that on your websitefor a free downloador even put it behind an email signupso people have to give you their emailin order to read that whitepaper massively valuable foryour ongoing sustainable marketing engine.You could leverage that to PRand I’ve put a percentage there.This is one of the joys ofhaving more than 100 responsesis that you’re able to say things like 87%of professional services, business owners,are worried about the impact AI is goingto have on their businessin the next 10 years.The media, journalists, newspapers,other bloggers love things that have gotthat kind of 87% thing in there.So even though 87% ofstatistics are made upon the spot, you will get more PR mileageas a result of having some of that data,not just being able to spin a yarn.And if you really do a greatjob and you really wantto build a business aroundthis product or solution,I would definitely encourageyou to take that white paper,to take the findings in the dataand to actually launch it at an eventor even to run an eventaround your region,around your country whereyou share those findings.Send out those invitations.You’re going to have toinvest a little bit in a venueand some drinks, but suddenly,you’ll find yourself standing up in frontof 10 or 20 or 100 of your ideal clientsand saying, this is what Ifound, this is what’s going on.And guess what?I have a solution.Now, that’s not going to be somethingyou can create in a week.That’s not going to fixthe cash flow crisisif you can’t make payroll on Friday.If you’re growing a sustainable business,this is a way to actuallydemonstrate your expertise.And you know what I also have found?Is that often, at the end of that process,the solution that that business,that your business is offeringhas changed, it’s evolved.It’s no longer what wethought was the best wayto do it or the best marketingmessage to get that out,now that we have a better understandingof the sector, of the different needs,changes, pain points thatthey’re going through,we can provide a slightly differentor a dramatically different solution.A better solutiondemonstrating the findingsthat you’ve discoveredthrough your researchand actually adding value throughhow you communicate those findings,that positions you as an expert,that makes your websiteso much more optimizedfrom a search engine perspective,that helps get you in front ofthose ideal clients every dayeven when you’re sleeping.Now, that’s a way to find more clientsand to find them fast.

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