Context 2008: Acknowledgement [ARCHIVE]

Originally published on the Shirlaws Business Coaching Blog, 2007-2010.

At the beginning of each year I set myself a theme, a focus point or guiding purpose for what I want to achieve this year and how I want to feel.

This isn’t a laborious or detailed exercise. Being a ‘feeler‘, I usually sit on the idea for a few weeks (after my November birthday, where I document some specific plans for the coming 12 months) and the word or phrase comes to me.

What seemed awkward, even nonsensically new-age at first, quickly demonstrated how powerful it was in my life. I declared 2005 as ‘the year the Magic happens’; looking for a career move several months later, imagine my surprise when my new position in May began with a ‘Create the Magic’ national conference!

This year the theme that I arrived at is ‘Acknowledgement’. Some big things will happen in my life this year – my role with Shirlaws is heading into good times, I’ve just finished renovating my house, and I’m thrilled to be marrying the love of my life this coming Spring. There’s plenty of acknowledgement coming through.

Interestingly enough, however, as a theme ‘Acknowledgement’ can be a trap. If I focus on it too much, I won’t deliver the true value for which I would deservedly receive thanks and praise. It’s easy with an outcome focus like this to ignore the bigger issues, particularly with clients, in pursuit of the quick hits and instant gratification.

So Acknowledgement will sit as my theme for 2008, but I won’t dwell on it. Instead, my energies will be devoted to the actions I do that will truly achieve positive results in my life.

Acknowledgement will follow. And it will be far more satisfying because of it.

Have you set your theme for 2008?

[UPDATE: Have you set your theme for 2020?]

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