Good Recession Presentation #3 03.04.2020

“LOST? Strengthen Your Client, Community, and Advisory Tribe.”

This is the third of our regular pandemic recession reality videos, hosted by international business advisor Jacob Aldridge:

Welcome 00:00
Meditation 00:45
Economic Snapshot 05:50
The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894 10:53
How to Respond NEXT week 19:20
How to Pivot your Product in a Recession 20:22
Who are the Members of your Recession War Cabinet? 40:07
Next Steps & Downloads 49:55

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What is “Don’t Waste a Good Recession”?

Right now the world seems to be in unprecedented upheaval with talk of Pandemic and Recession. Yet we have a responsibility to our teams, our clients, our suppliers, and our families to persevere.

We cannot do that in isolation. History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes, and where some see “unprecedented and scary” I see patterns and past experience that we can leverage into current action and opportunity.

This is only the third video, produced in the early stages of what is at least a 12-18 month pandemic crash and recessionary drag. Together we will make it through to the release and growth on the other side.

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