My 3 Favourite Marketing Hacks

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Chances are you’ve heard of Facebook, Google, and a recent technological innovation called ‘Television’. Maybe you also saw the recent pictures of my face on a giant Billboard. [LINK TO BILLBOARD BLOG POST] There are amazing marketing strategies to be created using any or all of those…But that’s not what interests me this week.

No, I want to share with you my 3 favourite marketing hacks, underutilised opportunities that I’ve been implementing for years (to great effect) and where I’m finally ready to let you in on the secrets.

Watch this week’s episode to learn more about how to turn:

  1. Your Profile Photo
  2. Your Business Card, and
  3. Your Automated Out-of-Office Email

into engaging marketing channels that push your brand promise [] further into the world.

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– G’day, Blackboarders.Bit of a content-heavy focus for this weekbecause I wanted to giveyou something specific.And this is somethingthat every business ownerwill find a way to apply withintheir business, guaranteed.It’s my three favorite,under-utilized, under-valued,unappreciated marketing hacks,and I’ve been applying these threefor the better part of the last decadeto great effect, and Irecommend that you do the same.So what are they?And can we make sense of my diagrams?Well, the first one hereis your profile picture.Google PWC, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG,any of the big four.Go and have a look at their about us page.Have a look at the photos.Apart from increasingly stillbeing pale, male, and stale,you will almost certainlysee an enormous pageof nearly identicalboring pictures of people.There’s nothing there that inspires youto talk to any of them in particular.Your profile picture isthe often the first chancea prospect, even aclient has, to get a feelfor who you are as an individual.So are you reflectingyour unique personalityin your profile picture,and in the profile picture of your team.Now, 10 years go, Ichanged my profile pictureto a photo from my wedding day.Make pulling a little bit of a face,just looking as happy as you could expectI would on my wedding day.I actually had three differentclients who came to me,with the specific thingthat they looked throughmy global company’swebsite, and I was the onewho looked like the mostinteresting person to talk to.I got three clients, just because I hada more engaging andinteresting business photo.And you can magnify this across your team.Go have a look at the Business Depot page,look at Arabadas and allof the profile pictures,you’ll see a lot more personality.And we’ve actually addedsome filters and coloringso that the businessdepot profile pictureslook like business depot profile pictures.And the fact that many of our alumni staffare still using that astheir headshot on LinkedInis a good indication of howdistinctive that has made them.Now, increasingly, andtechnology has made this easier,I’m seeing marketingagencies and it’s slowlybleeding into professional services,where their profile photos are GIFs,they’re moving images,they’re actually cool,and funky and a little bit different.You’ll want to checkout one that does thatreally interestingly,go and have a look atJust Digital People, andthey are a bad-ass page.And tell me that that’s a businessthat doesn’t have morepersonality than KPMG.Is your profile picturecommunicating your brand promise?Does it come across as something special?Or pretty bland and it blendsin with everybody else?I’ll ask the same questionin my second marketing hack,which is your business card.Great advice I got, againmore than 10 years ago,from a marketing andbrand strategist calledBrian Bills in the UK.He said if your businesscard doesn’t elicitan immediate response,it hasn’t done its job.How many business cards have you receivedwhere after making surethat the name is thename of the person you’re talking to,you stick it straight intoa pocket and forget it.How many times have yougiven your business cardto somebody and that’sexactly what they’ve done?Well, let me tell you theexperience that I’ve hadover the years with a numberof different business cards,different organizations thatI’ve worked for and owned.I give my business card topeople and they look at it.They turn it over, and theyask a follow-up question.I used to have a baby on mine.I used to joke about the fact that it wasa very old profile picture.But then I’d go into a conversationabout how your business is your baby.They get more out of the conversationas a result of the business card.It wasn’t just givingthem my contact date outs.Now, I got a picture ofa robot on my business.And people look at that and I say,what’s the robot for?And again, I can joke, wellthat’s a future profile picture,but no, it’s about whatabout a business depotcalled Brand Promises, whichis no robotic mumbo-jumbo.You can go on talk to a lot of advisors,a lot of coaches, a lot ofaccountants and lawyers,and the Reynold Jack can offer youthat you won’t be able to use.And we’re committed to not doing that.So again, you look at my business card,and you walk away knowing more about meand my business.The last very, very under-utilized,and let me tell you the amount of commentsI get from applying thisstrategy is extraordinary.And this is your out-of-office message.You’ve probably gone away.You’ve probably at some point set upan automatic reply, set that out-of-officeto say something like, “I’maway, I’ll be back in two weeks.Call my PA.And that’s great, that sendsfunctional information,that let’s people knowthat you’re not around.But it actually doesn’t letpeople know who you are.There’s a marketing opportunity.You’re actually getting a chanceto send an email into that person’s inbox,something they’re almostcertainly going to readbecause they’ve just emailed you,and you’re wasting itwith a pretty boring,bland corporate message.Why not add a little bit of personality?And if you’ve ever emailed mewhile I’ve been on holidays, you know,the extra little bit ofeffort that I go intoto make sure that myout-of-office is exciting,is a little bit funny, is energizing.If I’m going on holidays,I’ll tell you somethingabout the destination that I’m going to.If I’m going to afuneral, which I had to dothis time last year, I’m gonnagive you some informationabout how valuable mygrandmother was to my life,and link that back in tothe career that I’ve builtas a result.You’re going to get that email from me,and again, just like the business card,just like the profilepicture, you’re going to geta better understanding of my personalityand the business that I own as a result.These are my favorite marketing hacks,in part because they are under-utilized.And because they are under-utilized,they’re so incredibly powerful.You have a profilepicture on your website.You have a business card.You do out-of-office messages when you areon holidays or away from work.Why not turn those into something more?Why not hack them into agreat marketing opportunitythat puts the bestpicture, pardon the pun,of your business adding to the world.(light music)

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