How to Run Better Business Meetings

When I produced 134 Episodes of my Blackboard Friday video series, I covered a huge array of topics covering business vision, strategy, profitability, growth, and culture. Yet one topic consistently received the best feedback: How to run better meetings in your business.

While not designed as a specific sub-series, these 7 videos encompass all of the most important ways you can improve your business meetings.

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: Most businesses think they have too many meetings, but in reality they don’t have enough. It’s just that they are having the wrong meetings and they run them in a way that waste’s a lot of time.

Here’s how to turn wasted meeting time into the most valuable activity your team can undertake.

How to run more efficient meetings

Types of Meetings / Follow up

Momentum Meeting Schedule

What’s Your Ideal Week

How to set better meeting agendas

5 Types of Business Communication

How to Start and End Awesome Meetings

So tell me – which of the tips in those videos was your favourite? Leave a comment below, or share this link on social media!

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