How Uber is going to buy me my first bottle of Penfolds Grange

No, it’s not what you think…

Based on the title of this post, you may be thinking that I’ve taken up driving for Uber – adding another income stream to the family trust, possibly for the sole purpose of buying an $800 bottle of red wine.

Penfolds Grange. Looking forward to drinking it.

If you’ve ever seen me drive, be glad that this is absolutely not the case. Instead, I have another way to achieve my Grange ambitions – a long term bet with a good friend that Uber will be out of business by the end of July, 2020.

This started as a laugh after a few drinks back in July last year, but my contention is not without merit. I’m not sure I want to live in a world – let alone be a business owner in one – where losing $1 Billion per quarter of investor money while building up an arrogant, misogynistic culture is rewarded with long-term success.

For me, my mate’s best chance of winning the bet is if Uber collapses … but someone buys the name and maintains some kind of global presence. If they fold completely, or get rolled into another brand (I think the market will fragment, for what it’s worth), the plonk is all mine!

This is the standard disclaimer that I’ve called 2 of the last 0 recessions in Australia, and proudly published this nonsense in 2016.

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